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What YOU Need To Know About The Sturgeon Moon 🌚

Did you know there is a meaning behind every full moon and it has a special name for each month?   We are approaching August, which is also known as the Sturgeon Moon month.   But where did the term Sturgeon Moon come from?   In ancient times, native American tribes named it the Sturgeon Moon because of the large number of this huge freshwater fish that were once found in North American lakes and rivers.   As sturgeons can live for 140 years, it symbolises hope for those who are having tough times.   It encourages us to have hope that we will make it through the rest of the year.   So if you are going through something...

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HEALING CRYSTALS FOR SPIRITUAL SELF-CARE Spiritual self-care revolves around the activities that help to deepen our connection with our true self, the part of us that is real. At the core of this self are our innate desires, defined by our soul and separate from our ego. This is why a practice of spiritual self-care provides clarity, aligns us with our core values, improves our communication with others, and gives us a sense of purpose so that we can live in true bliss. Spiritual self-care is about connecting with your deepest self. There are many guides, lessons, and rituals, that can motivate us to imbibe this practice but it bores down to self-love. Thankfully, there are healing crystals with unique...

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