Natural Stones for Pisces

Natural Stones for Pisces

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            Natural Stones for Pisces

   Pisces is the last sign of Zodiac. The duration for Pisces is between February 19 and March 20. It is one of the negative and feminine zodiac signs. The ruler of Pisces is Neptune.  The most significant characteristics of Pisces are calmness, hopefulness, and shyness. Although Pisces people are shy when they meet people for the first time, they could come out of their shells in time and they could become great friends. They are always in pursuit of true love. In other words, they are great lovers as well as great friends. Another important characteristic of Pisces’ is that they are dreamers.  They could build castles in the sky. However, when they have broken dreams, they could find themselves in a depressive mood easily.


Powerful Stones for Pisces

               Amethyst is the most powerful stone for Pisces. As it is widely known, Pisces people are generally prone to depression and they need energy and happiness. Therefore, amethyst would be the perfect natural stone for them.  Amethyst would bring happiness and energy to the life of Pisces’. It could be worn as an accessory. It could affect the personality of Pisces’ in a positive way because of its spiritual powers. Bloodstone is another crystal which is effective on the Pisces sign. One of the most common traits of Pisces' are shyness. Bloodstone helps them to come out of their shells. Thus, if you are a Pisces, you better have bloodstone with you if it is possible. You would feel relaxed thanks to heliotrope.


Stones for Rising Pisces

               Rising Pisces are generally imaginative and sentimental people.  Especially their sensitiveness could be a problem for their life sometimes.  Rising Pisces’ could overreact to the small stuff easily. Moonstone helps them to overcome that problem. They can bring their mood swings under control thanks to moonstone. Aquamarine and calaite are also effective for Pisces’. When they are combined with moonstone, they could have positive effects on the spirit of Pisces’.


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