Birthstones For February

Birthstones For February

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Birthstones For February

As February begins, we are reminded that the year has fully started. New Year resolutions are being put into effect, and activities- work and school have resumed in full swing. However, when you compare the second month of the year to the fuss and fanfare of January, it seems more peaceful. It is a period where people can take a breather from hosting parties and the winter rush.

But February is so much more. It is the shortest month in the calendar year, having only 28 days and 29 every once in four years {a leap year}.  It also comes from the Latin word, “februa” which means to purify. The month is also filled with special events and ceremonies peculiar to countries, regions, and different religions.

For individuals born in February, it is time to invest in birthstones and their benefits. If you are shopping for a gift to give your loved one or yourself this February, then birthstones are the perfect idea for you. From amethyst to Jasper, these gemstones are rich in history and meaning.


Amethyst is the first official birthstone for February. The gemstone is a symbol of royalty, wealth, affluence, and social ranking. Throughout history, amethyst has been believed to offer a variety of beneficial properties. The stone was thought to suppress evil thoughts, assist hunters in searching for food, protect troops from battle wounds, and lead warriors to victory. 

Emotional Health Benefits

Amethyst is also used as a protective amulet to create a protective barrier, dispelling negative energy from the wearer, allowing only helpful thoughts to pass through. It will enable you to clear your mind, making it easier to digest information and come up with solutions.

The crystal is a natural tranquilizer for individuals who deal with a lot of stress, such as people who have extreme work conduct and cannot rest properly. The gemstone is also beneficial in treating insomnia and helping people who are going through depression by providing peace to reduce anxiety and mental pain.

Physical Health Benefits

Amethyst acts as a healing aid for physical ailments, including tumors, scarred tissues, headaches, and body detoxification. It can help in the treatment of lung and spleen diseases. It can also boost fertility and aid in the treatment of reproductive-related conditions. It assists in the withdrawal process from chemical stimulants by deterring individuals from cravings and unhealthy habits. Amethyst can help to boost the immune system and achieve quick recovery from illnesses.

How to care for Amethyst

Amethyst can be worn as earrings, rings, or made into a pendant. The crystal should be stored in a padded pouch and kept separate from rough gemstones. To clean Amethyst, you can make use of lukewarm soapy water and a clean towel. Be careful not to expose the stone to heat as it will cause its color to fade.


Deposits of Amethyst are found in Australia, Africa, Madagascar, the Soviet Union, Western Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Southern Brazil, South America, India, and the United States.


Pearls are perhaps the world’s oldest and one of the most expensive gemstones you can find today. What makes pearls unique is where they are sourced. Unlike other gems that are found under the earth, pearls are gotten from the sea. They do not need special polishing or refining to produce a lustrous and captivating effect.

As far back as the 5th Century, pearls were symbols of wealth as only the rich and powerful could afford them. Today, the gem is said to represent wisdom, purity, integrity, and perfection. In some cultures, they signify modesty and chastity.

Emotional Benefits

Pearl offers calm and tranquility to the mind, curbing bad temper and rage issues. It provides a healthier way for people to express their anger or displeasure. It also helps in the treatment of mental illnesses, boosts memory retention, and makes people smarter. Pearlstone evokes positivity in individuals, enabling them to be emotionally available, compassionate, and mentally sound.

Physical Health Benefits

With its healing aura, Pearl supports overall health by resisting illnesses in the body. It has therapeutic effects on parts of the body, including the brain, heart, digestion, and reproductive systems. Due to its cold nature, pearl regulates and normalizes body temperature during fever and hyperthermia. Other medical benefits include cardiac issues and insomnia.

How to care for Pearl

Pearl can be worn as a necklace, as a ring, or a pendant set in silver. You should also wipe your pearl jewelry after taking it off and storing it away in a soft pouch from other objects and stones that will tarnish the surface.


The different types of pearls can be found in regions worldwide, including Australia, the Philippines, India, Japan, and the USA.


Jasper is a polished, transparent, and impure gemstone used throughout history and is typically considered sacred. One of the most popular representations of Jasper is that it contains an energy that radiates peace, serenity, and tranquility. It is a grounding and nurturing stone that is essential for meditation.

Emotional Benefits of Jasper

Jasper is a calming stone that is beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety. It absorbs bad energy and helps anyone who suffers from nightmares. The stone increases motivation and strengthens your ideas, giving you the confidence to make significant changes in your personal life and profession.

Physical Benefits of Jasper

Jasper encourages detoxification in the body, treats blood disorders, strengthens weakened bladder, and aids urine retention.

How to care for Jasper

You can wear the gemstone as a bracelet or a pendant attached to a necklace. A simple approach of lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush is applicable in cleaning the stone. Jasper should be stored in a box or a pouch, away from other stones because of its fragile structure.


Jasper can be found in large deposits in Egypt, Australia, Madagascar, Russia, Africa, and India. There are other minor deposits located in regions all over the world.

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