Crystals for Creativity

Crystals for Creativity

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Do you find yourself as a creative person? Whether seeking a spiritual inspiration or just looking to pull ourselves out of a slump, tapping into the power of creativity can be a tricky business. Our power of creation is huge, but sometimes we find it difficult to get unstuck and boost our creative energy.

Because our creativity is blocked, being innovative and starting and finishing projects can be incredibly frustrating. If you want to enhance your creative potential and explore your passions without fear of judgement, these three crystals may help!

When it comes to crystals for creativity, Jasper is one of the bests to have in your arsenal. It will help you stop underestimating your creative capacity and embrace the power to create what you already have within you.
Tiger's Eye is also there to help you connect with the energy coming from the root chakra so that you can design, solve a problem, or use inspiration to create something tangible.

For enhancing the joy of creation, Citrine is also a good option. The creative process requires a flow of ideas and enthusiasm, and citrine encourages both of these traits.

Do you have any favorite crystal for creativity?


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