Myths and Truths about Crystals

Myths and Truths about Crystals

Myths and Truths about Crystals

Crystals have long been used as complementary and alternative medical techniques to treat illnesses and prevent diseases. They act as healing conduits, allowing positive and healing energy to flow into the body while dispelling negative energy.

However, it is not a method that everyone accepts. Despite the growing use of crystals for healing in recent years, the alternative medical treatment technique is scarcely used in the medical field. Most doctors and scientists dismiss it as pseudo-science.

Scientifically, no evidence shows crystal healing is effective in curing diseases. Also, no study has been done to back up the claims that gems’ chemical composition, manifestation, color can treat a specific ailment.

So, what is the truth about crystal healing? Can they treat diseases, or is it just hocus-pocus?

Myths about Crystals

Crystals are magic rocks.

Some people believe that having a crystal automatically translates to healing and other benefits, which is not valid.

Crystals, although they can channel energy, will not create instantaneous transformation and make your sickness vanish. You can use them to boost your spiritual life, reduce your pain, and as a tool to increase the positivity around you but do not expect a crystal to make a person fall in love with you the moment you set your eyes on them.

The more aesthetically pleasing the crystal is, the more powerful it will be

It is not wrong to go for a shiner, sparkly gem instead of a dull-colored one- your preferences matter. However, that does not affect the properties of the gemstone.

The energy emitted and transferred by a crystal has nothing to do with its beauty. Many people believe that for their crystals to remain powerful and effective, they must be kept in pristine condition.

While giving your crystals a good polish now and then is a good idea, it will not affect their effectiveness or increase their power. Your healing gems will continue to spread positive energy if you keep them safe and treat them with love and care.

There is a specific number of crystals you can use at once

Unlike modern medicine, crystals do not cause harm if you use several at once. Sure, some crystals might cancel each other out because of opposing properties, but that should not put you off from collecting as many crystals as you need.

Every crystal has a unique purpose, so the more, the merrier. All you should know are the properties of your crystals, how to use them effectively, and you are good to go!

You can use crystals on your own

While manifesting with crystals is easy, you cannot get the full effects if you rely on your knowledge alone.

Going on Google to do a quick search isn't enough, either. Because crystal healing is a form of alternative medicine, you'll need to consult an expert- a holistic professional well-versed in alternate medicine techniques involving crystals. Some spiritual teachers can assist you in your crystal healing journey.

You can also learn more about crystal healing, its history, and how to use it in modern life by reading books.

Truths about Crystals

Manifestation of your crystals start with a believing mind

One thing that needs to be re-emphasized is that if you do not believe in the power of crystals, it will not work.

It is like the placebo effect; if you think that a treatment will make you feel better, it will make you feel better, irrespective of whether the treatment method is accurate or not.

Suppose you have clear quartz, and you need a clear, calm, and well-centered mind. All you have to do is believe, manifest, and the crystal will stimulate and transfer clear and calming energy to your mind, removing chaos, confusion, and other imbalances.

They provide assistance

You already know that your gemstones are not going to make your one-sided love interest fall head over heels the next time you meet; neither are they going to fix your broken arm overnight. They will, however, assist in the way.

Healing crystals will guide you onto a path rich with love and light, whether you are heartbroken, unmotivated, depressed, or simply in need of a pick-me-up.

You will begin to notice changes in your life as you incorporate a positive outlook and express faith in your gems. If the change you desire takes longer than expected, don't be too hard on yourself. The process might be slow, but slowly and gradually, you will see things turn around for the greater good.

They are a source of positive energy.

Achieving anything in life requires dedication, consistency, commitment, and hard work. Sometimes, it gets too hard to push forward because you are weighed down by the thought of distractions and obstacles ahead. Your mindset becomes clouded, and your zeal fades.

Your gemstone will help clear your personal space of negativity and push you in the  right direction. It will improve your focus, free your mind of negative thoughts, and clarify to create solutions that will help you overcome obstacles. 

Crystals give you something to believe in 

Crystals are energy from the earth, and they give us something to believe in, something to hold on to.

There are times when you might feel lost, adrift and you need a connection. Crystals remind you that no matter where you are, you are still one with the earth-one with nature. You also get to benefit from the good things nature has in store for all of us.


There are so many theories about crystal healing, and sometimes choosing your truth might be challenging. You have to know that while there are many benefits to crystals, you cannot expect them to work just like that.

Belief and manifestation are all you need to begin your healing journey. Once you understand how to use your crystals, you will be on your way to harnessing positivity and living your best life.

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