“Record-Keeper” Crystals

“Record-Keeper” Crystals

Hey crystal lovers,

Have you been regularly curating and polishing your crystal collection? Well, I do.

Anyway, I am sure you know that there are so many types of crystals and have your list of favorite crystals.

But did you know that there are special types of crystals called “Record-Keeper” crystals?

Here is what they look like.

Record-Keeper Crystal

There are types of Record Keeper crystals, the normal record keeper and the trigonic record keeper.

Trigonic Record Keeper (sometimes called Trigon) is an upside-down Record Keeper that you can easily feel and see.

While Traditional Record Keepers are little triangles that point up, like a pyramid. 

Trigonic Record Keepers point down and seem to be “cut” into the surface (meaning you can easily see and feel them). 

They are like tiny keys except that they are shaped like a Record Keeper (triangle) with the flat “bottom” of the triangle at the top.

And the point facing down.

Legends say that Record Keepers were placed on crystals as time capsules of a sort by people. (possibly in Atlantis, Lemuria etc.)

With specific information for future generations (more specifically, certain people) to access.

Some people think that these represent data or information implants that are within the stone itself.

And that you can access this.

Through meditation or simply by making it your intention to consciously access the information that may be stored in the crystal. 

These crystals are often used to access the knowledge and wisdom of ancient civilizations and peoples (or of your ancestors).

These crystals have also been shown to help the user to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience. 

Which is the ability to see objects, colors, shapes, and life forms that are not seen physically by the human eye.

And the ability to hear what others are thinking on a higher level.

(Pretty amazing if I say so myself.)

For this reason, record-keeper crystals can be successfully used in meditation.

In order to connect and communicate with your spirit guides.

Now, I am not a firm believer that there is some hidden knowledge in these Record Keeper structures.

That is accessible to only a few with the magic key to open them. 

I believe when we see them, we are drawn to look deeper, work more closely, connect on a deeper level with crystals in general.

Most importantly, I am curious to hear your thoughts about these crystals. 

Do you believe that Record Keeper crystals have special information hidden in them and that we can retrieve them?

I remember having an interest in time capsules when I was a young girl because of the movie “Back to The Future.” 

Time for me to go and see if I have any Record Keepers in my collection. Sounds really interesting.



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