What is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

What is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

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Gold Vermeil Collection

If you are looking for jewelry called Gold Vermeil (pronounced ver-may), you are in the right place! Here’s an explanation of what it is!

Gold Vermeil is a thick layer (it must be min 2.5 microns) of 10k-24k solid gold upon the sterling silver. It has much more quality than regular gold-plated pieces so that you can wear a Gold Vermeil Jewelry for years and years without any damage.

Gold Vermeil Facts:

According to Federal Trade Commission, a product could non-deceptively be described or marked as “vermeil” if:

  1. Base material of Gold Vermeil must be Sterling Silver. (Sterling Silver contains 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, mainly copper.)
  2. It must be plated on all significant surfaces with gold or gold alloy at least 10 karats.
  3. It should be minimum thickness throughout equivalent to 2.5 microns (approx. 100 millionths of an inch) of fine gold.
  • Please note that “All Pretland Premium Collection pieces are thick layer 3 microns of 24k solid gold upon the sterling silver”.

    What is the difference between Gold Vermeil and Gold-Plated?


    Gold Vermeil

    Gold Plated

    Core Metal

    Sterling Silver

    Brass or Copper

    Plating Thickness

    Min 2.5 microns

    Usually, 0.5 microns


    10k – 24k Gold

    No requirements







    Gold Vermeil Premium

    What is the difference between 24k, 18k and 14k Gold?


    24-Karat Gold

    18-Karat Gold

    14-Karat Gold


    Pure Gold (100%)

    Gold Alloy (75%)

    Gold Alloy (58.3%)






    Bright Yellow


    Pale Yellow




    Fair Enough


    Min 24 months

    10-12 months 

    3 months


    High Quality

    Medium Quality

    Low Quality

    Does Gold Vermeil Tarnish?

    Each piece in the Premium Collection features 24k gold vermeil which is the top of quality. Therefore, any piece in the collection does not tarnish. Nevertheless, we want you to be able to take good care of it for as long as possible as this is a premium product.

    Here are some tips on jewelry care:

    • Always put your jewelry on last, after you have allowed your perfumes and lotions to dry.
    • Do not spray any beauty products or perfumes directly onto your piece.
    • Never wear your jewelry to the gym, pool, or in the shower.
    • Avoid cleaning with any chemicals, just use the soft jeweler cloth received with your product.
    • Keep the jewelry in separate boxes so that the chains do not tangle.
    • Try not to scratch the jewelry as it will damage it.
    • A little jeweler's secret… When not wearing, you can seal sterling silver-based jewelry in a plastic bag to keep out the oxygen that causes tarnishing.

      Gold Vermeil PremiumWhy should you have Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

      Many women are using gold vermeil pieces to look exclusive and elegant. In the gold jewelry industry, gold vermeil jewelry is the best quality after then solid gold. And it is not too much expensive like solid gold pieces.

      Gold vermeil allows the designers and craftsmen to create unique, and elegant pieces of jewelry. Also, it is totally hypoallergenic since the core metal is high-quality sterling silver.

      At Pretland, our expert production team and designers made these special products carefully. And we guaranteed this quality with a certificate that you will receive with your product.   

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