The Applause of Heaven

A Book If You Are Not Happy or Think There is No Meaning in Life

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The Applause of Heaven

Hi fellas,

It has been a while since my last book review.

Today, I like to speak to you or others you know that may be going through some existential crisis in their lives.

For anyone who feels they are not happy, or they think there is no meaning in life or people who think they are leading a meaningless life.

The book is called “The Applause of Heaven” by Max Lucado.

Even though I am not a Christian, I have read the Bible and feel that we can learn many lessons from it and other related books.

The main idea in the book is about how to live a peaceful and contented life.

And it is explained to the reader through the message that was given by Jesus Christ, standing on the mountain.

We come into this world and go through its process and do not stop for even a second and understand and analyze the things we do.

There was a time in my life where I was living my life without thinking about the essential questions that we all must ask ourselves.

What is our purpose? Why are we here in this world?

There must be more than just going to school and getting a job and getting married and then leave this universe.

We nonchalantly go through the phases of life without any deep understanding of our real purpose.

After I found my purpose and mission to serve the crystal community.

And help bring those who are spiritually broken and lost into our community.

I felt so full on the inside.

The book says that we have the responsibility to help the poor and destitute.

Those of us who are privileged should always strive to help the help who are not given the blessings that are bestowed upon us.

If we close the doors on the poor, then there will come the point when we will be in that situation.

After reading the book, it fills me with empathy and compassion for everyone around me.

We would be able to understand someone if we put ourselves in some else’s shoes.

After all, we humans are naturally wired to gain pleasure when we help others in need and transform their lives.

Perhaps this was all planned by our creator, and this would indirectly lead to the progress of our world.

If you are currently unhappy or find no meaning in your life, I encourage you to read this book because there is meaning in your life. 

You just have to find it.

Don't give up, keep searching.

And while you find it, your crystals are here to support you and care for you.

Time for me to go and pick out another book from my crystal bookshelf.



P.S. If you found this book review useful, I would love to know your thoughts on it. 

Also, if you have any book recommendations, please leave a comment because I am always looking for more books to read and recommend to the Pretland family.

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