Crystals to bring with you when traveling for protection

Crystals to bring with you when traveling for protection

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Crystals for travelling

Hey fellas,

“What are some good crystals to take on vacation for safe travels?”

Especially as the US airlines are opening up again and people are starting to travel again.

Here are three popular crystals that crystal lovers recommend bringing when traveling.



Did you know Turquoise is a purification crystal?

It dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere. (like I don’t know… the coronavirus…?)

It is also said to purify lungs, soothes and clears sore throats (especially with the bad air now due to the huge wildfires around the country…)

So, wear it with confidence and protection.



Malachite is an important protection crystal. 

It absorbs negative energies and pollutants, picking them up from the atmosphere and the body. (So, you can keep all the bad viruses away!)

But more importantly, it releases negative experiences and old traumas. (For those who are afraid of flying due to bad experiences)

So, don’t be afraid and trust in your Malachite crystal.


3.Rose Quartz/Tiger’s Eye

Ok, this is a tough fight between two crystals…

Many voted for Rose Quartz because it dispels negativity.

And protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes. 

So you will be able to love yourself and have confidence when traveling.

But many voted for Tiger’s Eye as well because it will give you the confidence and strength of a Tiger! 

More importantly, it is said to be a crystal of protection and brings good luck to the wearer. 


And who does not want more good luck right?

So now, you may ask.

“So, Jenny, how do I know which crystal works the best for me?”

Well, all I can say is to keep trying on different crystals when traveling.

And see which crystal allows you to feel the most energy.

Give time to each crystal to speak and connect with you.

Only time will tell.

For me so far, it has got to be Rose Quartz.

I always feel so happy and protected when I wear it.

Like a baby nestled in her mother’s breasts. (Ok you get what I mean)

Come to think of it, we should start planning for our family vacation soon.

Guess we will not be traveling out of the country for now.

At least until the coronavirus situation gets better.



P.S. Which country have you visited last? Leave a comment and share your thoughts about that country.

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