How to Store Crystals and Stones

How to Store Crystals and Stones

How to Store Crystals and Stones

Crystals are used in various ways. Some crystals like Clear Quartz and Citrine are used for their soothing and healing properties. Others are used for good luck, wealth, mental clarity, organization, fostering teamwork, creativity, alleviating stress, receiving a favor, and love.

Holding crystals, keeping them in your home, or wearing them in the form of jewelry are some of the many ways to harness the benefits that crystals have to offer. Some people collect crystals to beautify their homes or add to their collections.

Whatever reasons you collect crystals, you must know how to store them to prevent chipping and other damages. Think of the storage places or materials as shields for your crystals. They take the brunt of every smudge, fall, or rough encounter so that your crystal can remain in good condition.

Mohs’ Scale of Hardness

Mohs' scale is used to classify minerals according to the hardness of their materials. It is a rough measure of natural minerals based on their reaction to scratching and abrasion. The Mohs scale is numbered 1 to 10, with 1 being a very soft mineral {talc} and 10 being a tough mineral {diamond}.

Using Mohs' Scale follows a straightforward process. You have crystal A and crystal B.

● If crystal A can scratch crystal B, then crystal A is tougher. If crystal A does not leave a scratch on B, then crystal B is more complex.

● If crystal A is scratched by crystal B but cannot be scratched by crystal C, then A's hardness is between crystal B and crystal C.

When storing your crystals, you do not want to put the soft stones in the same place as the hard ones because the delicate crystals might get scratched or damaged due to frequent contact. This does not only apply to soft stones but brittle ones too. Crystals like fluorite and diamond can fracture easily upon contact with a complex and durable stone.

To protect soft and easily cleaved crystals, store them in velvet pouches to provide a soft shield if the bag is jostled around. You can also place both brittle and weak stones in a box that has separate compartments. The compartments should have a cushiony material at the bottom before you place the crystals.

According to Color

Although this is not a standard method, it has its benefits. Storing your crystals according to color not only makes them look organized or pretty but also intensifies their natural resonance. If you collect crystals for their healing power, then you should consider color-coding.

Make separate sections for red, blue, yellow, green, and other colors of your crystals so that you can easily pick a color when you want to manifest or meditate. It also ensures that your stones are vibrating at the same frequency and not working against each other.

According to Properties and Benefits

From protection, mental clarity to love, crystals have many benefits to the wearer or user. Organizing and storing your crystals according to their properties will make it easier for you to pick a stone that suits your needs at any given time.

If you are going through a hard time dealing with anxiety or depression, you know that all you need do is check your storage for crystals like amethyst or smoky quartz and manifest a clear mind. If there is a problem that needs an immediate solution, instead of rifling through your collection of stones, you already know where Tourmaline, Calcite, and Tigers eye crystals are

For people who love everything to be in perfect order or quickly forget where things are, this is an ideal solution that keeps things arranged and close to your reach.

According to Crystal Family

Another method of storing crystals is according to the crystal family.

It is pretty simple; keep all Quartz stones in the same compartment, the different shades of Topaz in the same box; Aquamarine, emerald, yellow beryl, and other beryl family members in the same bag, and so on.

Wrong Ways to Store Crystals and Stones

There are several ways to store crystals and rocks, but there are also wrong ways to keep them. Avoid practicing these improper methods to avoid damage and conflicting energies.

Crystals That Should not be Paired Together

Crystals radiate frequencies that can be used for different purposes. Each stone possesses a different vibe and transmutes unique energies. These energies can either supplement or hinder the other. Which is there are specific stones that should not be paired or put together.

A few examples are:

  • Carnelian and Amethyst

Carnelian increases vitality, boosts your energy, and restores motivation. It is the stone you need when carrying out a task, but you lack inspiration. Amethyst, on the other hand, cools your energy. It is useful when you feel agitated or anxious.

Pairing these two together is generally seen as a bad idea because their opposing properties will send confusing signals to your chakra. They will cancel each other out, which will eventually leave you depleted.

  • Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian

If you want to sleep, then it's best not to pair these two together.

The energizing properties of Carnelian are what you need to start your day if you don't have a hot cup of coffee. Placing the stone in your pocket or wearing it as a piece of jewelry is bound to give you the extra zing to keep your feet moving all day.

However, it cancels out the soothing effect of Tigers' Eye, which acts as a lullaby to shut all open tabs in your mind and sing you softly to dreamland.

Bottom Line

Storing your crystals is easy. While there are no rigid rules, these guidelines help to protect your stones, preserve their color and texture. You can also create your system of identification if it makes it easier for you.


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