How Crystals Came Back Into My Life - The Birth Of Pretland

How Crystals Came Back Into My Life - The Birth Of Pretland

The Pretland Story - How It All Began… Reading How Crystals Came Back Into My Life - The Birth Of Pretland 4 minutes
Birth of Pretland

Hi fellas,

If you did not read the beginning of my story, please click here to read the first part or click here for the second part.

I have not been sleeping well recently.

So I have been using Amethyst crystals to help me sleep better.

By putting some under my pillow.

They look something like this.

Amethyst crystals

Anyway, where was I?

Let’s get right back into it...

So, we were walking through this abandoned mine.

We could hear the sound of the water dripping from the stalagmite in the mine.

And we could also see many bats perched on the ceiling of the mine.

But, from the corner of my eye, something purple and sparkly immediately caught my attention.

Nothing else.

Yes, you guessed it.

It was the same type of crystal that I mentioned earlier.

An amethyst crystal!

It was one of the very few crystals that I owned back when I was a child.

And it was always one of my favorite crystals.

Along with Rose Quartz and Moonstone crystals.

When I showed it to my friends, they were surprised by how happy I was.

“I’ve never seen you this happy before in a long time, Jenny. You always seem so depressed with work.”

And they were right. I was depressed.

I was depressed with my life in spite of what I have accomplished.

And the career I have built up over 10 years.

After I went home that day, I reflected on my life.

As I looked into the amethyst crystal, I could feel its energy peering into my soul.

Then, I felt a voice in my heart saying “It’s time for a new beginning in your life.”

 I recalled an article on one of my favorite crystals, Moonstone.

It’s said that Moonstone symbolizes a new beginning in someone’s life.

So that was exactly what I did.

I called up my closest friends and brother.

Because I knew they would be interested in my crazy idea.

And they were as passionate as I was for spiritual crystals.

Before I knew it, time went by in a flash and I was out of my job.

We created Pretland from scratch and built it to where it is today.

It was not easy but we did not give up.

And I also invested most of my savings into the business from my previous job.

But, enough about me, now the story is about you.

As you embark on your crystal journey, I understand you may be using the crystals as an escape from the daily stress in your life.

Be it at work or family.

You do not want your boss to scold you anymore at work.

You do not want to argue with your family member anymore over any issues.

But you want to use your crystals to align your spirit into a more positive state.

So that you become a happier and more spiritual person.

Regardless, I want to support you on your journey.

So I have crafted the perfect Beginner Crystal Kit consisting of the three crystals that I owned.

When I first started my own crystal journey decades ago when I was a young girl.

You will receive an amethyst ring that will help you to sleep and meditate better, a rose quartz bracelet that will improve your relationships, and a moonstone ring to symbolize a new beginning in your life.

Go check it out, and let me know what you think.

Crystal Blessings



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