Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Hi Pretland Family,

It is a special day for all of us Americans.

As you know, today is Veterans Day which means that we honor everyone who has served our country in the United States Armed Forces.

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that is well-known for helping you to release fear and encourage you to try new things. 

With this crystal, you can move forward and have the courage to try new things that you were previously afraid to try before.

When I first started my entrepreneurship journey, I always wore a tiger eye bracelet wherever I went because it made me me stronger and gave me the courage to always move forward.

Hematite is another crystal that encourages self-confidence when you feel discouraged and low.

If you have been struggling to overcome an addiction or overindulgence, this crystal will give you the self-confidence to fight your addictions and beat it to the ground.

In the past, I had a friend who was struggling with a smoking addiction. So when she asked me to recommend her a crystal, Hematite was the crystal for her. 

The important lesson behind fighting addictions is that you must have the desire to break the addiction yourself.

Crystals are meant to help us and support us but it is up to us if we want to break free of our addictions.

Lastly, we have Aquamarine, a crystal that gives you the courage and protects you when coping with loss.

Whether that's the death of a loved one or bringing closure to a relationship.

I remember when I was young, I used to own a yellow cat named Chika.

Chika was a great companion, always waiting for me to come home from school to play with her.

But one day, when I came home, I noticed that she was lying down on the floor and not moving.

We eventually found out she was sick and had a huge tumor in her stomach.

Soon after, she passed on and I could not stop thinking about it for two full years…

My grandma noticed this and she gave me an Aquamarine bracelet to encourage me to stay strong.

Because Chika will forever live in our hearts.

I understand that sometimes we feel scared and are unable to move forward past our fears and obstacles.

But like our brave US Veterans who have fought for our countries and risked their lives.

We must be brave too and have the courage to push through our dark moments.


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