Safe Place for Meditation

The Safe Place for Meditation

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Safe Place for Meditation

Hi fellas,

Yesterday, I decided to take a day off from work and went to my safe place to meditate.

It’s a cozy place I made for myself or anyone to have their alone time and relax.

I even had the opportunity to put my favorite Amethyst crystal at the back to help me transmute negative thoughts into positivity.

Lately a friend of mine caught the virus and it made me really worried.

She has not been in the good of health and then this happened so it made me panic and I was not able to focus at work.

Thankfully, I was able to send her a love basket with some of my favorite healing crystals to go and she said it helps her to stay in a positive state.

Also, I feel that sometimes we get too caught up in our lives and become overwhelmed so I encourage you to take time to make your “safe space” so you can also meditate at your special corner.

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our meditation space, please feel free to leave an comment below.

I love to hear it.

Time for me to go and pray for my friend to recover soon. 

I am sure she will be ok in no time.


P.S. This love basket was a gift I gave my mother as well during her birthday because I wanted to surprise her with something special and bring her into the world of crystals.

My favorite piece in the set is definitely the big Amethyst piece and also the pendulum to help the recipient to help with any problems they may have on their minds.

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