Root Chakra

Everything About the Root Chakra


              Root Chakra

               The root chakra connects us to the material world.  Transfers cosmic energy to a material and moral level and transfers the earthly energy to our body. It helps us to get in touch with the mother earth. We can maintain our lives thanks to our route chakra. Root chakra gives us a universal determination and solid bases to build our lives.  They are also vital bases for other chakras, and they are the source of vitality.  In order to have an inner balance, the root chakra must be compatible with the 7th chakra.

               The root chakra is located in the lower part of our spine. It plays the main role in connecting our physical body, our organs to the world. The root chakra makes it possible for us to have a balanced build. It is connected with the red color. It represents power, passion, and fire. Our root chakra is connected with the codes of our birth places and our roots in the current incarnation.

Functions of the Root Chakra

Physical Body Health

               The root chakra is responsible for the healthy function of feet, legs, bladder, kidneys, testicles, genitalia, and the spine.  It is related to ‘’adrenal gland’’ one of our endocrine glands. It controls the nerve functions.

               When the root chakra is unbalanced and its energy vibrations are disordered, it may give rise to fatigue, hemorrhoid, arthritis, costiveness, back pain, weight problems and diarrhea. Additionally, sleep problems and feeling cold all the time could be the results of low vibrations of the root chakra.

Feeling Safe

               When our root chakra is well balanced, we feel safe. This feeling gives us excitement for all the struggles we have in our lives, for our desires.

               However, an unbalanced root chakra would affect us in a negative way. We act cowardly and we start to feel tired in all activities we do. Feeling insecure when facing a problem, not respecting ourselves, feeling lethargic and unskillful are symptoms of a chakra which does not function properly.

Overcoming Difficulties and Conflicts 

               When our root chakra is balanced it helps us to overcome difficulties and conflicts by revealing our skills of a lovely approach, and constructive mind. We will be able to manage conflicts easily. Moreover, all problems we face in our lives would have no power over us. 

               However, an unbalanced root chakra could lead to lack of self-confidence, aggressiveness, cowardness and many other problems. The reason for our anger against life and humanity derive from our inability to create a solution. We become unable to create solutions because of an unbalanced root chakra.

Earthly Feelings

               The root chakra is related to basic needs in our lives such as food, shelter, comfort, and warmth. A balanced root chakra could help us in fulfilling these needs. When the balance is lost, every duty, every struggle could seem very difficult to us. When we experience financial problems, we can feel sad because of the lack of self-confidence and selfish feelings.  Tension and a harsh approach are also results of an unbalanced root chakra and these problems could drag us to a greedy, more materialistic worldly life


  • When the Root Chakra is Balanced:

               When our root chakra is balanced, we cling to life. Our joy of living and our desire to live increase. We feel secure. We live life in harmony with the earth and the nature of life. We want to start a family; we want to expand. We feel wealthy and secure financially. We can deal with change. We feel strong and happy inherently.

  • When the Root Chakra is Unbalanced:

               When the root chakra is unbalanced, the tendency of being detached from life because of addictions or other reasons increases. In order to fulfil our personal needs, we develop a greed for possessing everything that we desire instantly. We neglect our health, nutrition, sleep routine and need for relaxation. Likewise, we also undermine the needs of other people.  Because we experience a fear of loss, we do not feel secure and we stay away from people and events. We lack the will of restraining some behaviors and passion. We cannot be free when the root chakra is unbalanced.

  • When the Root Chakra Functions Insufficiently:

               When the root chakra functions insufficiently, we feel tired and restless. We become weak in moral and material sense. We could become obsessed with the past. Even little events may become a source of anxiety for us. We struggle with the uncertainty feeling. Moreover, we feel like we are not in this world.  We do not have enough energy even for our routine operations. We feel hesitant and unsuccessful. We feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. Life gives us burden rather than joy.

Ways for Balancing and Revive the Root Chakra

Color Therapy

The color of the root chakra is red. Red color warms and revives the chakra. Revives the vitality and courage.  If the red is shadowed by blue, it helps the transmission of life motivation with your spiritual energy.

Sound Therapy

Music: The best music to direct the root chakra to activity should be tonal and have monotone rhythms. Old music of several primitive clans takes advantage of these rhythms. Their dances ensure a healthy relationship with nature, modes of living. To synchronize the root chakra with other chakras and personalities you can use natural sounds.   If you are not in a natural place, recordings and tapes would also work.

Nature Therapy

You can also revive your root chakra by thinking about the rise of blood-red sun, or the sunset.  To obtain the reviving, relaxing and balancing energy of our plant, sit down on the floor in the lotus position and breathe consciously. Then, smell out its odour. If you can combine these two natural ways, you can reach the biggest effect in your root chakra.

Gemstone Therapy

Carnelian: Carnelian gives us seriousness, stamina, and tranquility. It resolves negative feelings and protects the inner personality. You can start to believe in yourself thanks to the carnelian. It also activates the genitals. With some crystal additions carnelians protect the physical or mental modes of living that grows in your spirit. They also reduce the labour pain.

Hematite (Natural Iron Oxide): Hematite provides the power and energy. It has a reviving effect on the body. It drives secret energies. In this way, it helps you to overcome weakness. Then, it supports the recovery period after a disease. Moreover, it makes cells and blood healthier.

Red Jade: Green-red jade connects you with the basic power and the love of the earth mother.  It teaches us modesty and not to be selfish. It strengthens your blood and gives you power, patience, determination, and liveliness. It cleans up the physical body, transforms it. It creates a feeling of trust in natural life cycles that we find internal power and peace.

Garnet: Garnet provides us with will, motivation, and success. It opens our eyes to the unknown, and it supports clairvoyance. It promotes sexual impulses and helps us to turn those impulses to transforming, refreshing energy. Physically, it helps the healing of the genitals. It also revives the bloodstream.

Red Coral: Red Coral is a vital, fluid energy. It supports the forming of blood cells. It provides determination and helps you to cling to your personality while experiencing the hardships of life. 

Ruby: It provides a warm and vital energy which makes us purified. It creates a coherent synthesis between spiritual and physical love, and sexuality & spirituality. Therefore, it makes us open to new adventures.


Cedar: The strong odour of cedar oil connects you with world powers and all-natural modes of living. It helps the creation of energy and exposes a sense of security and sereness in the arms of mother earth.

Clove:  Clove oil helps the resolution of blocked energies in the root chakra. It helps you to be freed of primal and limiting social patterns which are derived from the need of security and protection. It helps you to open yourself to fresh, new energies. In this way, you can receive the messages in the vibrations. You can go towards change and freshness.


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