Did You Enjoy Your Full Moon Ritual?

Did You Enjoy Your Full Moon Ritual?

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Full Moon Ritual

Hello my sweet family,

How was your full moon ritual?

I hope you were able to release all your negative energy and meditate on your new goals.

I understand that some of us may be feeling depressed and filled with lots of negative energy during times like these.

When our world is filled with so much suffering and disease like the ongoing pandemic.

That has already killed hundreds of thousands of lives all over the world.

But I encourage you to finish the full moon ritual and trust in your crystals.

Trust that they will protect you from all these dangers and negativity.

And you will be able to align your spirit to a more positive state afterward.

When I was going through the ritual, I was also filled with negative energy but I took my time to go through the entire ritual step by step.

I held my amethyst crystals and meditated.

Imagine the crystal absorbing your negative energy.

And allow the positive vibration of the crystal to flow through your entire body.

This also works for those who are stressed at work, whether it is about an upcoming presentation or meeting with your boss.

Or if you are anxious about anything affecting your personal life and relationships.

I pray that things will get better for you soon.

Take care and stay safe.



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