Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Hi guys,

If you have been following the Astrology Calendar closely, you know that there is an upcoming special event.

What event am I talking about?

Yes, it is none other than the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse.

So what is the mystery and meaning behind this special event as the year 2020 comes to a close?

Astrology experts say that this unlocks a door to a new portal of energy.

It brings the promise of brand new beginnings, fresh starts, and the opportunity to set wheels into motion. (Which reminds me of the meaning of Moonstone as well)

Think about where you have felt most challenged and where you have done the most growth.

Then stay open to any gifts and rewards that come your way under this energy.

It’s like the concept of the 1% rule. If you continuously put in the effort and work to get at least 1% better every day in a field of work.

This growth will compound to an unfathomable rate in the long term and you will turn into a completely different person. 

For example, I remember switching from drinking coffee to green tea and at first, it was weird and difficult to get used to.

But as time went by, I started to adjust to it and now I feel more healthier as well.

The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse also beckons us to rise and observe the many blessings that have been hidden in the shadows. 

As we bring our blessings into the light, it also shines a spotlight on our relationship with the Universe.

The Universe is always listening and responding to us. 

Even during those dark times where it feels the Universe has not got our back.

That is only because we have entered a chapter where we are strong enough to walk as One. 

Do you ever feel that way? (I sure do at times)

Overall, the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse carries some of the brightest energy we have experienced all year.

So let’s embrace the season of our lives, ground into this Solar Eclipse energy, and keep our hearts and minds rooted in the miracle that we are.

Happy New Moon to you :)


In case you like some crystal recommendations to use during this special event for your solar eclipse ritual/meditation.

I have chosen three of the best crystals for you below.

Moonstone is an excellent stone to use in healing rituals. Have your stone charged by the Sun the day before by laying them in the Sun the day before. Then, use the light of the Moon the night before your ritual to continue the charge. This will bring a balance into your wishes.

Light a candle, write your wish down. Hold the Sunstone or Moonstone in one hand as you burn your wish on the candle with your other. 

Rose quartz is also a crystal of healing.

Use rose quartz during a solar eclipse ritual to heal, forgive, and find that spot of unconditional love. Hold it over your heart, and you will hear your Heart chakra sing. Now, make your New Moon wish! Your new beginning awaits.

Lapis Lazuli is another all-purpose stone that will provide a beautiful healing energy to any New Moon solar eclipse ritual. 

This is the stone that is intended to activate your Crown chakra, which is the one that contains your connection to the Divine. It is this simple white cord of light that you can draw on when your Crown chakra is activated, to access your guides and angels.


P.S. What are you doing for this upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse? I love to know. Please leave a comment below.



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