Birthstones For December

Birthstones For December

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December is an important month in the calendar year because it is a period filled with festivities across different countries and communities. The month is overwhelmed with various holiday traditions and customs, laughter and cheer, with little or no room for anything else.

While it might be a cold month for some, it is also the precursor of one of the most important holidays; Christmas. It is the one time that family members and loved ones from far and near gather together to revive the spirit of unity, friendship, love, and gift-giving. It is the last month of the year, and it reminds us that another year is coming. It is the time to look back and be thankful for the previous months, mend relationships and make new resolutions.

Many other amazing facts can be associated with December, but the essential part is the theme embraced all month long; showing affection. And what other way can you show your loved ones that you genuinely care than gifting them birthstone jewelry?

Giving someone a piece of birthstone jewelry as a gift is a way to show them that you pay attention to little details- because there is nothing more personal to a person than their birth month.
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Gemstones are also beautiful and have many benefits, meaning you are not only showing your loved one that you care but that you have great taste, and you want them to partake in the benefits these gemstones have to offer.

If you don't know what birthstones are associated with December, we have you covered. Here is a list of gems for the last month of the year and their benefits;


Turquoise is the first official gemstone for December. It is regarded as a love charm stone. It is also a symbol of good luck, health, and success and protects the wearer from evil. The calming blue-green color of the gem is associated with the effect of the ocean, bringing wisdom, tranquility, clarity, peace, and hope.

Turquoise is a stone of purification. It protects the wearer against disturbing and chaotic influences from outside by dispelling the negative energy, giving room for positive energy to flow into the mind. The gem also stabilizes mood swings, paranoia, and anxiety and instills inner calm by balancing and aligning all body parts.

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Turquoise encourages self-awareness and promotes creativity to solve problems. It is a symbol of friendship, acts as a tool to mend broken relationships and stimulate love.


Tanzanite is the second official stone of December as it is also a healing gem.

Tanzanite is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. It is also a transformation stone that helps you get rid of old habits, unhealthy relationships, and negative patterns, allowing you to move on in life with a positive sense of direction, renewed optimism, and bigger self-confidence.

This gem will help you overcome feelings of apathy, bring repressed emotions to the surface, and give you the courage you need to deal with them.

Sometimes, you might find yourself in certain situations where things are going out of control, and you do not know how to react. The gemstone helps to segregate emotions in your body, teaching you how to balance your emotions and channel them out in the right way.

Tanzanite stimulates healing on all levels. Physically, it aids the treatment of skin problems, provides relief to the throat and lungs, and can also be used to cure ear and eye problems. It strengthens the immune system, aiding recovery from illnesses, and detoxifies cells and tissues in the body.


The third official stone for December, Zircon, is associated with all the chakras and possesses many benefits to the wearer.

The gemstone is used for mediation because it blocks distractions, unwanted interruptions, and aid concentration. It is an excellent way to boost your thinking and clear your mind, especially in intense situations.


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The healing properties of the gemstone improve blood circulation and remove toxins from the organs of the body. It reduces fevers, soothes pains, and relieves stomach cramps, asthma, menstrual pains, cures migraines and other ailments. Wearing the gemstone will attract mental peace, positive energy, honor, retentive memory, happiness, joy, and self-belief.

Zircon is also valued as a cure for insomnia. Because it can clear and relax the mind, it will help you sleep better at night. It has the same benefits as sleeping like a babe, without any worries.


Ruby is a gemstone with so much appeal due to its physical structure and properties. It is a gem that is guaranteed to give you beauty and quality that will last a lifetime. But that is not all.

The gemstone represents nobility, purity, and because of its vivid red color, passion. The gemstone radiates love among families, friends, and partners. Ruby improves and mends relationships by increasing compassion, harmony, renewed passion, and warmth.

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The ability to clear confusion and instill clarity is one of the gemstones’ most admired properties. It strengthens your intuition and gives you courage. It sharpens your focus and motivates you to take the needed steps in achieving your goals. Ruby helps in anger management, providing a way to block negative energy, resulting in better and more improvements in your outlook on life.

Ruby is also known for restoring vitality, improving eyesight and blood circulation. It is also used to treat health issues such as indigestions, diarrhea, blood pressure disorders, depression, and skin problems.


Gifting birthstone jewelry is more than just wrapping a necklace or a ring made from a gem. It shows how much you value a person. Your loved one will be happy that you spent time getting something that means more than just colorful wrappers and a pretty bow.

Now that you know the gemstones for the month of December, you can begin to think of ways to incorporate them into the perfect birthday gift this season.



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