Birthstones for January

Birthstones for January

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Birthstones for January

The history of birthstones traces back to the twelve stones worn by Aaron to represent the twelve tribes of Israel in the book of Exodus. The stones that adorned the breastplate were said to contain certain magical powers. 

Later, the twelve stones became symbols representing the twelve months in a year and have been the same to date.

What are Birthstones?

Birthstones are gems that represent each month in a calendar year. They serve as symbols for individual birth months or zodiac signs and have become a popular choice for gift-giving and beautification for gem lovers.

Birthstones are said to benefit wearers, providing good health, fortune and warding off negative energy.

Why should you invest in Your Birthstones?

Before we talk about the birthstones for the first month of the calendar year, here are some reasons why you should get yourself or a loved one a birthstone jewelry gift.

●     Birthstones offer protection

Birthstones act as protective aid to ward off negative vibes and change them into positive energy. That way, you do not get bogged down by depressing thoughts, anxiety, and unwanted distractions.

●      Birthstones have healing properties.

Birthstones assist in curing simple ailments like headaches, insomnia and can be used to relieve anxiety and stress.

●       Birthstones offer aesthetic value.

You can use birthstones of different shapes, colors, and sizes to beautify and add aesthetic value to your home.

January Birthstones

When it comes to birthstones, January has a lot in store. These gemstones create an impressive dynamic that is guaranteed to have you picking up your wallet to get yourself and your loved one custom-made birthstone jewelry. 


Garnet is the first official gemstone for January.

It symbolizes positivity, enthusiasm, hope, good health and is an effective tool in removing negative energy and restoring balance. Garnet comes in different colors, and the most popular is red- which attracts passion and fuels your desire to achieve set goals and objectives.

Wearing the gemstone is guaranteed to revitalize, energize, increase confidence and boost your emotional well-being. The gem is an extra bit of luck needed to refuel energy and keep you powered throughout the day for those born in January.

Garnet can cure physical ailments, including blood deficiency, inflammation, hemorrhages, and spinal disorder. It aids proper blood circulation and detoxifies your vital organs. Garnet can be found across different parts of the world, including South Africa, China, Madagascar, Brazil, the USA, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is called the gemstone of universal love. It is also the second official gem for January. 

The jewel is believed to possess powers that promote love, compassion, and empathy, which are necessary for mending relationships, strengthening bonds, inspiring trust and understanding.

It is an important gem that draws people closer and forges new bonds built on a steady emotional and mental foundation. Rose Quartz gives you the strength to let go of past trauma, leave unhealthy relationships, and envelops you with the courage to start anew.

Rose quartz affects your mindset by introducing positive thinking. It changes the way you think about situations that look hopeless by directing your thoughts to who you want to be, the goals you have in mind, and how to achieve them.

The gemstone aids in treating anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health illnesses. It reduces high blood pressure, increases blood circulation, protects the kidneys, and hastens general health recovery.

Rose Quartz can be found in various world locations such as South Africa, Brazil, Namibia, Sweden, and certain parts of the United States.


The Opal is one of the most popular gemstones worldwide. It is representative of hope, justice, and harmony.

Much like Rose Quartz and Garnet, it fuels enthusiasm, passion, optimism and gives room for creativity to blossom. Some people believe that the gemstone acts as a binding force that helps you feel grounded, safe, and stable in your surroundings.

Opal is also used for amplification. It picks up on your desires and brings out positive traits and characteristics in people. When negative and unpleasant emotions are brought up, the gemstone makes it easier for you to process, understand and resolve them. This stone will aid and support you in overcoming negativity and troubling thoughts. 

Opal is flushed with an abundance of healing properties. It acts as a healing support aid for chronic illnesses, boosts the immune system, alleviates pressure in the chest, and improves eyesight. It can also relieve pain associated with PMS and fills the body with tranquility to combat insomnia. 

Significant deposits where Opal can be found include; Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Ethiopia, Slovakia, and the USA. However, Australia produces the highest percentage of Opal gemstone.


The rich green color of the gemstone signifies royalty and wealth. Additionally, it is also a  symbol of love, balance, oneness, and harmony. It creates an atmosphere where peace, wisdom, and growth can blossom without negative aura and energy disruptions.

Mother Nature's color represents fertility, healing, life, rebirth, and abundance. Wearing the gemstone refreshes the mind, soothes the body, and eases tension. It also heightens positive personality traits like loyalty, faithfulness, patience, and emotional stability, inspiring compassion and empathy.

Emerald nourishes not only the mind but the body. The gemstone is used by many to treat stomach disorders, liver and kidney problems, insomnia, and ulcer, relieve skin irritation and strengthen the immune system.

Emeralds are commonly mined in Zambia, Ethiopia, Columbia, Zimbabwe, and Columbia. Other minor deposits include regions such as Afghanistan, Russia, the United States, and Pakistan.


January has some of the most beautiful and well-sought after gemstones. So, when you go shopping for gemstone jewelry to gift your loved ones or build a personal collection, you get the aesthetic value and the benefits that come along.

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