5 Rarest Crystals in the World and Their Benefits

5 Rarest Crystals in the World and Their Benefits

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5 Rarest Crystals in the World and Their Benefits

Crystals have a rich history. The earliest mention of crystals in recorded history was the Ancient Sumerians, who made their magic potions with crystals.

The Ancient Egyptians also used crystals like turquoise and quartz for protection and good health; topaz to ward off evil spirits and nightmares. They were firm believers in crystal healing and meditation. Ancient Egyptians also used crystals like malachite and Galena for cosmetic and beautification purposes. They would smear them under the eyes for eye shadow and eyeliner.

The benefits of crystals are so numerous that many people have begun to embrace them once again. Individuals buy them as perfect home décor, jewelry accessories, birthstones, and others invest in them for physical and mental benefits.

While some crystals are very easy to get, some can only be found in a particular place. While this does not mean these crystals are more powerful or beneficial, it certainly means that they are expensive to purchase.

The five crystals we will talk about are also some of the rarest gemstones in the world.


Imagine a crystal that is a million times rarer than a diamond. A gemstone so rare that very few specimens have been found. 

Painite is an orange-brown mineral that was identified in the 1950s by British mineralogist Arthur

C.D Pain. Before it was named, the crystal was often mislabeled as the Ruby gemstone. Although the rarest color of the crystal is orange-brown, you can also find red and brownish Painite in some regions worldwide. 

Being one of the rarest crystals and gemstones globally, a carat of Painite is sold between

$50,000 and $60,000. You can only find Painite mines in Myanmar.


Painite is used in the treatment of physical and mental ailments. The crystals help to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts, negative feelings, and unhealthy thinking patterns that take up room meant for productive ideas and prevent you from attracting positive things to your life. Painite creates an awareness in you that helps you analyze your actions and make changes where necessary.


Grandidierite is another crystal that, for a couple of years after it was discovered, could only be found in very few places worldwide.

It is a bluish-green mineral that was discovered in southern Madagascar in 1902. The crystal was named after Alfred Grandidier, a French explorer who dedicated part of his life to studying the country’s natural history.

Centuries after his death, Grandidierite is still one of the most expensive crystals globally, with the quality stones fetching up to $20,000 per carat.

Grandidierite is found in Madagascar, but other deposits exist in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Italy, India, Norway, and even Antarctica.


When faced with distractions and unwanted pressure, life becomes challenging to live in, and we begin to look for unhealthy ways to escape.

Grandidierite provides mental clarity and a deeper understanding of how to solve problems. It also helps us to make better decisions and infuses us with hope, energy, and confidence.

Grandidierite acts as a healing aid in treating ailments like soreness, tonsillitis, bronchitis, discomfort in the throat, and migraines. 


Taaffeite, named after Richard Taaffe, is a stone that comes in different colors ranging from red, brown, gray, bluish, pink, to purple shades.

The crystal was discovered in October 1945 by Richard Taaffe, an Austrian gemologist, after he went to the jeweler's shop to buy precious stones. He noticed the inconsistency between the Taaffeite and another gem he had come to buy. After many years, it is still known as one of the rarest crystals in the world.

In very rare cases where Taaffeite is found, a carat is sold for $15,000. Deposits of Taaffeite can be found in Sri Lanka and Southern Tanzania.


Being a rare crystal available to only a few people, Taaffeite symbolizes status and power. The crystal also helps you to let go of past things and gives you the push you need to take the right

step forward. It will assist you in removing roadblocks and opening the way to more significant and future possibilities.

Taaffeite can be used for mediation, and its therapeutic properties help in proper blood circulation, detoxification encourages tissue regeneration, and boosts the body's immunity.

Black Opal

Black Opal is one of the types of Opal, albeit the rarest and the most valuable. However, the Black Opal is not entirely black, as some people would assume. The crystal has a dark body tone with colors varying from black to dark grey.

Although Opal was discovered in the late 1800s in Australia, the Black Opal was not discovered until years later, in 1903. The finest quality Black Opal pieces can fetch prices up to $10,000 per carat. The best place to find Black Opal is in Australia, where it is predominantly mined.


Black Opal offers emotional and mental support by creating a shield to protect the user from bad energy and people with toxic traits. It helps you stay calm in stressful situations and reminds you that you are not alone. Black Opal is beneficial for people with stress and anxiety daily.

Black Opal protects the body by boosting our immune system, increasing blood circulation, and healing illnesses like inflammation and liver cirrhosis.


Poudretteite is a rare crystal that was first found in the 1960s in Quebec, Canada. 

It was first discovered as minute crystals and gets its name from the Poudrette family, who owned the first crystal quarry. The crystal can be either colorless or come in shades of transparent violet or light pink. Although the mineral has more than sixty species, it can only be found in Myanmar and Canada.

Poudretteite pieces go for as much as is $3,000 per carat.


Like any other crystal, Poudretteite is not left out in its physical, mental, and emotional benefits. For generations, the crystal has been used to treat mental illnesses. It was believed to be a talisman that had the power to protect, guide, and heal the mind, body, and soul.

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