Benefits And Cleansing Of Rose Quartz

Benefits And Cleansing Of Rose Quartz

Benefits And Cleansing Of Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is rooted in history as far as 7000BC as it was used as face masks by Egyptian and Roman women. This was to prevent wrinkling and improve their complexion.

Today, this graceful and translucent gem is one of the most abundant minerals found on earth.

The Rose Quartz is a sought-after macrocrystalline member of the quartz family that reflects a beautiful soft glowing appearance associated with love. It is famous for its charm and great healing attributes.

Primary Properties of Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz got its name after its delicate hue. Admired for its shade, it is believed to have magical powers.

While it is one of the most abundant crystals on earth, you can find it predominantly in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, and some parts of Africa.

The stone possesses significant strength because it contains Manganese and Titanium. Brazil mines one of the finest Rose Quartz stones, and, depending on where the stone got mined, it may hold trace or fiber inclusions of rutile.

This alluring luster mineral is composed primarily of Silicon dioxide molecules that form at
400°C - 700°C.

Benefits of Rose Quartz

For many, crystals form a salient part of cultural, spiritual, and healing practices.

In ancient cultures, rose quartz was considered very powerful. Powerful as an emblem of
possession and also believed to prevent aging.

The Rose quartz is also known as the ‘Heart Stone,’ a gem that keeps family ties together and fosters friendship. Exquisite in color but bold in presence, and with its soft, pastel colors, rose quartz is mainly a charming member and is rated number 7 according to the Mohs Hardness Scale.

The soothing power of Rose Quartz promotes empathy, settlement, the forgiveness of others and drives out angst, envy, and resentment towards others.

Reducing pressure and tension in the heart enables healing of heart issues and disorders
associated with negative emotions. The crystal soothes your negative feelings, transmuting
them into positive feelings.

The benefits of Rose Quartz can be grouped into 3:


Meditation is considered a type of mind alternative medicine.

To meditate with the Rose quartz, you need to find a quiet and peaceable environment that
allows you to calm your mind.

Be sure to hold the stone in your hand so that the lines of your hand can connect with the
energy in the crystal and clear out your heart chakra.

Self-love / Self-realisation

Crystal healers believe that rose quartz can promote feelings of self-love. It helps the user feel a powerful sense of self-worth. An exquisite stone for people who find it tough to accept love from another as they feel undeserving.

The stone also helps to open and expand your heart center to give and receive from your heart space. Self-awareness and acceptance are the two most beautiful healing powers of rose quartz.


Rose Quartz can improve circulation, boost neuron connectivity, and accelerate healing.

The rose quartz benefits physical health, specifically when worn or carried on your body. The stone promotes clearer and more youthful skin.

It also promotes fertility.

How to Use Rose Quartz

Rose quartz can be used in several ways, including:

1. As a Jewelry

Bring the spark and glow to your appearance by using rose quartz jewelry that reminds you that you are appreciated, cherished, and recognized.

Whatever the mood or occasion, you can enjoy the benefits of rose quartz jewelry wherever you are. Whether it is a necklace, a bracelet, pendants, or earrings, rose quartz protects the wearer from pain and disappointment and radiates beauty.

2. Under the pillow

Placing the crystal under your pillow will encourage peaceful sleep and gentle dreams.

3. At home, or office place

Placing a piece of this crystal in the corners of your home, apartment, or office will increase the flow of positive energy. It will also protect your space.

4. As a gift idea

Gift ideas such as a carved rose quartz heart, a rose quartz tree, a candlelight holder, amongst others, will be heartfelt presents to loved ones.

Cleansing the Rose Quartz

As beautiful as its benefits are, the rose quartz needs regular cleansing. It is essential that you carefully and constantly clean your stone before healing practices to remove any negative energy in it.

A quick method of cleansing the rose crystal is to run it under cold water. If you live close to a natural body of flowing water, you can cleanse your crystal in it.

Other methods of cleansing the rose quartz include:

  • Burying it in a pot containing mud with the stone neatly wrapped in it for several days.
  • Using your breath to clean the stone by blowing the rock with it.
  • Recharging it by placing it under moonlight or direct sunlight for hours.

Wrapping Up

Did I mention that Rose quartz attracts mates?

With the numerous benefits of rose quartz, giving it a try will be a great decision. You are encouraged to use it and to bring the crystal wherever they go.

Since rose quartz is widely accessible and inexpensive, there are lesser occurrences of fake versions circulated in the market. However, imitations made out of glass are available, so it’s best to be on the lookout.



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