Benefits of Hematite Crystal

Benefits of Hematite Crystal

Benefits of Hematite Crystal

Hematite crystal is a heavy and dense, iron-containing stone. Mainly found in Brazil and South Africa, it also extends to Canadian Lake Superior and Switzerland mountains. It was known as the HAIMA by ancient Greeks, which translates to blood. What’s more, it is also known as Iron Rose in many areas.

In ancient times, people used to use this stone for drawing on the cave walls, decoration on the tombs of Pharaohs' tombs, and coloring for war paints, for example.

Primary Properties of Hematite Crystal

Hematite crystal is made from iron oxide, which gives it a dense and magnetic property. What’s more, it is considered a source of iron ore globally. It usually comes in gray and black shades. In some regions, its metallic and sparkling sheen is also available. You might also see its crystal in a red tone.


On a general note, these are the benefits of hematite crystal:

  1. It helps you feel safe and secure
  2. It improves your confidence and energy levels
  3. It aids in providing a feeling of belongingness and stability
  4. It aids in establishing healthy boundaries
  5. It aids you to take a stand for yourself in tough times
  6. It also brings some balance to your life areas that are not in balance
  7. It absorbs all the negative energy


The connection of the heaviness and iron mineral in the stone has made its association profound for the circulatory system in our body. People looking to improve their blood circulation, reduce their blood pressure and clots, and slow down too heavy menstrual flow can use this crystal in their life.


People also use this stone to keep themselves grounded, confident, and stable. It is because this crystal is connected to the root chakra in the spiritual world, which aids in building your foundation and values and helps you get stability in life.

Metaphysical Benefits

Metaphysically speaking, hematite crystal helps in the improvement of your capacity to stand firm that helps you have more willpower and courage. What's more, it helps you get rid of habits that are bad for you by bringing discipline into your life.

Feng Shui

Hematite crystal is also popular in Feng Shui for bringing a balance to your space. You can place the crystal on an altar in your working or studying space. It will help to absorb all the negative energies to ward them off you. It is important to place them in a Gen position that is the most approximate corner on the left of your room's door.


You can wear hematite crystal in your dominant hand or your neck. For that, you can get a bracelet or a long chain for a necklace. You can place the hematite at your working desk for a better work-life balance.


You can bring more energy and better results as you place the crystal in your workout space or yoga mat. What’s more, you can put the crystal in your wallet or pocket as you perform any exercise. It can also be kept in your pocket as you wake up to feel refreshed and energized for the day. However, avoid using it at night as it may interfere with your sleep.

Wrapping Up

Hematite crystal comes with immense benefits, including an improvement in the circulatory system, confidence, stability, boundary establishment, energy, and whatnot. The dense stone can be carried around in a pocket or be worn as a part of a necklace, bracelet, or ring. That way, you will be able to manifest the energy in the chores that you perform daily.


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