How Different Colors Affect Your Life?

How Different Colors Affect Your Life?

How Different Colors Affect Your Life?

You might not have paid attention to it before, but it’s true that colors play a much important role in our lives, deeper than we think they have. Have you wondered why signboards of different fast-food franchises contain the colors Red and Yellow in them? That’s because they increase appetite. Similarly, corporate brands use the color blue in their logos often as the color portrays loyalty and trust.

As you can see, color psychology speaks on all terms: Physiologically, mentally, and spiritually.


Yellow brings a sense of joy and happiness to a person. If you’re looking for some happy signals, make sure you bring some yellow products in your space. A person with a yellow aura explains someone who is fun-loving, joyous, and pleasant. Also, these colors highlight intelligence. So, getting some yellow products in a study room or your notebooks is also a good idea.


The red color is a strong one, indicating passion, romance, courage, and fear. Everything gets intensified with this color, and that is why some people point to using this color in great care. From a physiological viewpoint, it is observed that the color red brings an increase in the heart rate and respiration rate, and it activates the defensive properties of an individual against the threat.


Green is the closest color to nature – the one who is seeking a deep connection with the universe, and all things natural need to include greens in their life. It brings a sense of refreshment and nourishment. As it is present in most plants, green awakens a sense of life and fulfillment to individuals.


The world of individuality and spirituality remains incomplete without the use of blue color. From the sky to the oceans, the color blue is widespread and mysterious. Individuals seeking a sense of awakening and mindfulness need to bring blue around them as much as they can. Blue also calms the nerves, so anyone having issues of stress and anxiety can include the color blue in their life to find peace and clarity of their mind.


Pink is a color fueled with nourishment, compassion, love, and kindness. As these attributes are deeply linked with the feminine mind, pink is associated with females most often. People looking to attain a sense of self-love in their lives need to have pink products around them to strengthen their roots of love and kindness. While pale shades of this color help in refreshing and nurturing the individual, hotter shades pave the way for buoyancy and euphoria in one's life. One can say it is a color with a lot of room for variety in its magnitude.


Purple signifies wisdom and a higher consciousness. It portrays the divine force, full of mystery, that is of significant importance in the spiritual world. You can have purple objects near you to feel more in connection with the universe and the mysterious divine space. Awaken your third eye and feel more confident in yourself as you make purple color your favorite. It is a typical color in psychology that represents luxury. So, if you are someone who believes in the Law of Attraction and wants to attract more wealth and royalty in your life, surround yourself with this powerful color.


In the spiritual world, the color grey indicates compromise and intellect. The neutral nature of this color makes it stand out from the rest, and it is often not represented as a color but simply as an absence of color. That is what makes it highly unique from other colors.

Black and White

Black and white as polar opposites stand at different positions in the spiritual world. While the color black means mystery, formality, and sophistication, the color white stands for purification and healing. You can increase or decrease one shade to attract a specific result in your life through the use of either black or white products.

As you might have noticed, there are different auras discussed in the spiritual world. A person with a relaxed aura will have a representation of a light blue and green shade. Similarly, yellow indicates happiness and intelligence. The benefits and indications of using colors are too influential to ignore.

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