Gold Vermeil and Healing Crystals

Gold Vermeil and Healing Crystals

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Gold Vermeil and Healing Crystals

Pronounced “vehr-MAY,” gold vermeil is jewelry made from gold-plated sterling silver.

Gold vermeil is different from merely gold-plated silver because the jewelry meets specific standards. These include that the base must be pure sterling silver. Also, the silver should not be coated with any metal apart from gold. Lastly, the gold layer must be no less than 10-karat gold with at least two and a half microns thickness.

Gold vermeil looks exactly like pure gold in appearance and artisanship. Since it is primarily sterling silver, It is also more affordable than gold.

If you are looking to find premium gold vermeil jewelry crystals, we have a collection at our store that you will love.

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are natural gemstones that help you draw out negative energy in your space. They work with your energy field to absorb negative energies, help you focus, and direct positive energies into your space.

You can place your crystals anywhere, ranging from your bag to your pocket. You can also tuck them in places around your house or office space for a wholesome healing experience.

A great place to place your crystals is on your nightstand. That way, you stay protected while you sleep and are unaware of your environment. You can also put them behind your computer at work.

However, the best way is to carry healing crystals on your body, so it’s with you wherever you go. One way to do this is wearing gold vermeil healing crystal jewelry.

Gold Vermeil and Healing Crystals

Gold Vermeil Healing Crystals

At Pretland, we have a range of top-of-the-line gold vermeil healing crystal jewelry that you can choose from.

Each Pretland Gold Vermeil product has a thick layer (min. 3 microns) of 24-karat solid gold on sterling silver.

This is different from regular gold platting because our 24K Gold Vermeil is a precious metal that is 100% pure, with zero reactive properties. It is hypoallergenic and free from harmful alloys that can cause irritation so that they can be worn for years and years.

On every Gold Vermeil jewelry that you buy, we offer a 2-year color warranty.

Here are some crystals for you to choose from:


If you were born in November, this is your birthstone!

Citrine helps with emotional healing as it helps you achieve personal clarity and promote creativity. It also helps with treating depression and eliminates self-destruction tendencies.

It is known as a success stone as it helps to harness energies of personal power. It also gets rid of negative energy and is ideal for people in demanding careers who constantly feel pressured.

Citrine symbolizes wisdom, joy, wisdom, and peace. Because of its beautiful golden color, it is believed by many to promote financial success by attracting and maintaining wealth.

Some crystal healing practitioners also believe this stone helps the muscles, heart, liver, kidney, and digestive tract.


Also known as the “eye stone”, opal is a colorful gemstone that has been used for ages for its beauty and healing properties. It is popular for its range of colors and varieties and this makes it endearing for crystal lovers.

Opal provides a shield against negative energy and helps to direct positive energy into your space. Crystal healers believe that wearing the opal crystal as jewelry or carrying it on your body provides a cloak of invisibility around you that keeps you from the public eye.

The stone is great for achieving calmness by easing stress and depression. It helps in promoting security and calming your restless thoughts and mind. Wearing it will improve your sleep and ward away nightmares. It is a great gift idea for children with imaginary friends or kids who have trouble sleeping.

Physically, Opal is believed to help remove infections and purify the blood and kidneys. It also helps in regulating insulin levels, reducing fever, and boosting memory. It is ideal for ladies with hormonal troubles, pregnant women, and during childbirth.


As a healing stone, Emerald helps to direct love into your life. The stone allows you to open your heart to love and brings healing into your heart if you’ve suffered heartbreak.

The stone is famous for stress relief while encouraging clarity, insight, and greater understanding. It helps to improve your memory and boosts your ability to recall details.

When you are upset, Emerald helps to calm your emotions and creates positive emotions. It protects you by removing blocks on your way to potential good.

Physically, the stone provides relief from muscle and joint pains. It also relieves eye issues and may help with lung disorders. Emerald may help with health problems that cause infertility.

Financially, this healing stone can help you to manifest wealth and stimulate its growth. The energy that it radiates increases abundance, prosperity, and money.


Topaz is useful for soothing and healing in a wholesome way. It helps to recharge, re-motivate, and align your energy to live your full life.

In your relationship, this stone helps to promote forgiveness and truth as it is known as a stone of love. It helps to promote faithfulness and honesty. The stone emboldens you to open your heart to love.

Topaz is a stone of good fortune that increases joy, generosity, and abundance. It also helps to release tension and induce relaxation while promoting self-realization and self-control.

This natural stone will help to improve your problem-solving skills and provides clarity when formulating ideas.

Use the Topaz stone for improved digestion and combating eating disorders like anorexia. It fortifies your nerves and stimulates your metabolism.

Wrapping Up

For crystal lovers, healing crystals are a must-have, and one way to do this is by wearing Gold Vermeil jewelry.

Head on to our store now to choose from our range of premium Gold Vermeil healing crystal jewelry.


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