5 Best Stones For Increased Feminine Energy

5 Best Stones For Increased Feminine Energy

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5 Best Stones For Increased Feminine Energy

Ugh, it happened again.
Another day has passed and you are feeling overwhelmed at work, tired at home, and rundown everywhere else.
Deep down, you can tell that your life force needs a top-up, but you don’t know how to do that.
What’s going on here?
The truth is you don’t have the energy that you need to punch through tasks and live life.
You look at other women who have it all: the best life, a kick-ass job, steady streams of income, a viable social life, a family; and you wonder how they can pull off the energy to make all these work.
How do you find the energy to live the best life you envision for yourself where you are walking on sunshine?

The Truth About Feminine Energy

If you are struggling in your life right now, you are probably ignoring your feminine energy.
Contrary to popular opinion, feminine energy is not another creation of the feminist movement.
Feminine energy is inborn, a positive expression of the natural energy that exists within us.
What then is feminine energy?
Feminine energy is used to refer to a specific set of traits that are unlike traits associated with masculine energy. These traits are expressed when you move with the flow of your life, embrace your creative energy, play, dance, spend time with people you love, and most importantly, embrace your internal process.
Since our culture is a highly masculinized one, the result is a personal and cultural imbalance.
When we overvalue masculinity, we spend most of our time chasing the next goal and very little time resting and being in tune with our authentic selves.
That is what has created a culture of dependence on man-made things like smartphones and laptops; forcing us to ignore nature and spend less time creating. This dependence leaves us craving a wildness and spontaneity that is life-affirming and feminine!
The good news is that there are crystal stones that can increase our divine feminine energy.
These crystals will also help you put yourself first and enhance your connection to your feminine
Energy stones or energy crystals are pure and strong stones that produce deep, harmonic, and balanced vibrations. They help to keep the body and mind at an optimal status for improved performance. These stones also help to create peace, bring clarity, and a true sense of the divine self.
Our stone choices below are perfect for starting over, achieving self-love, increased creativity, improving self-confidence, and all the personal strength qualities that divine femininity embraces.
Wearing these stones as jewelry or simply having them in your energy field will help you reconnect with and balance your inner divine feminine.

1. Moonstone

Topping our selection of stones for increased feminine energy is the Moonstone.
The moonstone is believed to carry all of the mysterious but cleansing power of the moon, alongside the empowering beauty of it. It also works to improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the body.
The moonstone is known for increasing strength and inner growth, promoting inspiration, good fortune in love, and work matters. Since it is connected to the moon’s energy, it is used to balance the female hormones and regulate the female cycle.
It is also great for when you feel overwhelmed as it can help to balance your emotions and ease your stress.
Can you tell that the moonstone is the ultimate female stone?

2. Desert Rose

The desert rose contains calming and rejuvenating energy that enhances your willpower and relieves stress. It is perfect for meditating as it slows down your energy center to provide clarity.
Desert rose is perfect for women in leadership roles because it gives them the confidence they need, helps to manifest their goals, and improves self-expression.

3. Jasper

If you have fully formed masculine energy traits and want to achieve a balance, the Jasper stone is your best choice.
Jasper is useful for uniting masculine and feminine energies. This balances the physical, emotional, intellectual, and ethereal bodies. It also helps to neutralize negative energy and provides support when you are going through a stressful period by providing tranquility and calm.
Jasper is often a part of the mother-to-be’s collection because it is known as a nurturing stone that protects mother and child. This also makes it perfect for working with traumatized or abused women.

4. Amethyst

Known for its strong protective force, Amethyst teaches you how to access and follow your intuition.
It balances the high and the low moments by promoting serenity, calmness, and a good sleeping pattern. It also promotes emotional centering and improves selflessness.
Women who frequently battle menstrual cramps can use Amethyst to clear their minds during this period and center themselves.

5. Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is filled with feminine energy that promotes unconditional love, healing, and empathy. This, in turn, brings happiness, nourishment, and a sense of deep content.
Known as the stone of universal love, the Rose Quarts helps with emotional cleansing and heals heartbreak of all kinds. It focuses on Self-love and helps you to center on the more positive and joyful aspects of life. This leaves you feeling confident in yourself and your abilities.
It is wonderful as a meditation stone. Rose Quartz is useful for therapeutic sexual activities.
Women will find it useful for nurturing during pregnancy, healing after childbirth, handling postpartum depression.

Wrapping Up

Always remember that when we talk about feminine energy, we are simply restoring your connection to a force that exists within you and is natural to your being.
So, we are not advocating that you change yourself, rather that you embrace the womanly parts and elements that the universe has gifted you.
What better way to do that than use natural stones that are gifts of nature themselves? With these stones, you are sure to get the energy that you need to live the life of your dreams: effectively wearing the hats you desire without losing touch with your creative side or intuition.



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