7 Best Stones For Goal Setting

7 Best Stones For Goal Setting

7 Best Stones For Goal Setting

When the year started, we had resolutions and a list of goals we hoped to achieve before the year ran out. And for some of us, those items have been successfully ticked and marked, while for others, there might still be a long line ahead.

If you have a list of things you promised yourself that you would do before the end of the year but have not been done, you might find yourself wondering if these goals are achievable. Other times, you might be wondering if it’s best to give up altogether.

The truth is, nothing worth doing can be achieved easily. There are obstacles we have to pass to make things happen.

Sometimes, we are unmotivated and tired to stand up, go out there, and tick off more things on that list. Or, your mental health plummeted along the line, throwing you into a pool of anxiety and depression- unable to do anything.

But there is good news; you don't have to feel like a failure because you have lost track of your aims and objectives. Crystals are gentle aids that can push you back on the road, bring out the spark and guide you into using the rest of four months to make your dreams come true.

These best stones for goal setting are perfect in helping you set and achieve your goals.

Best Stones for Goal Setting

1. Amethyst for Commitment

The first key to achieving any goal is commitment.

You have to be committed to a path, plan, or purpose. It is also something that most people fail at commitment and consistency.

The purple energy of the amethyst will keep you devoted to that purpose and ward off every possible distraction. Its energy radiates you to remain focused and centered as you go about your daily activities.

It cleanses the air around you, rids it of negative energy, and radiates positivity.

Other crystals that can be used to regain the feeling of commitment are the red and pink crystals like Rhodochrosite, Pink Manganocalcite, Tiger’s Eyes, Ruby and Pyrite.

2. Rose Quartz for Luck

We all need a bit of luck, but a lot can get you even further. Rose quartz is called the love stone.

The aura of the crystals opens your heart and the heart of others around you to favor you. This might just be what you need before applying for that long-deserved promotion or finally taking the break you need to start up your own business.

The stone is what you need to turn a bad day, week, or period into a happy and go-lucky one. It deflects the negative aura, clears the mind, and helps us find solutions to problems and difficulties.

Other stones that serve the same purpose are; Garnet, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Labradorite, Tiger's Eye, and Amazonite.

3. Citrine for Success

The overall reason for goal setting is to achieve success- all around. Citrine is the money stone and merchant stone that aids financial, career, and health success.

As you work hard, put in those hours round the clock, work those extra shifts, study for exams, and all other efforts to achieve your goals, do not forget to have a Citrine crystal to boost your chances of success.

If you cannot get Citrine, another excellent option is the sunstone. The sunstone radiating the sun's energy is filled with abundance. It attracts fame, popularity, and overall prosperity.

If you are in a leadership position, you should also get this crystal to stimulate creativity and teamwork to produce successful results.

4. Garnet for Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm keeps the spark that drives us alive. It is the fuel that helps us accomplish day-to-day activities.

You might have the necessary skills to do a project or a job but lack the zeal to see it through to the finish line. When the energy dwindles and progress comes to a halt, the Garnet crystal will provide you with the dose of inspiration you need to get things back on track.

Carnelian, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli are also stones that will give you overflowing divine energy and keep you running.

5. Fuschia for Solving Problems

There are always obstacles on the way to achieving set goals. These obstructions often require a lot of time and energy to figure out solutions. The time spent can result in less time to carry out that project, duty, or activity. This is where Fuschite comes in.

The stone helps you figure out quicker, effective, and more efficient ways to overcome barriers. It also clears up a path to reach the end goal faster than others around you.

From these experiences, you can also learn patterns to solve similar problems and improve in all areas. Crystal substitutes for Fuschite are; Prehnite to enhance focus and Buffer crystal to restore balance.

6. Fluorite for Focus and Concentration

Fluorite is thought to be the best stone for concentration and total focus. It piques the interest of the mind. The crystal boosts memory retention, helps you recollect information that you might have forgotten. When you need to focus amid distractions, it is good to have fluorite nearby to clear mental obstacles and drown out the rest of the world.

If you are the kind of person that forgets things quickly, then a fluorite necklace is just the thing you need to keep your mind sharp and steady.

7. Carnelian for Confidence

If you do not believe in yourself that you can achieve a particular thing, it will be hard for someone else to believe in you. What you project to the universe is the energy that will come back to you. Insecurities, self-doubt, and self-depreciation are some of the things that keep us from achieving our goals. But Carnelian can help elevate self-confidence and increase your self-worth.

When you begin to believe in your capabilities, you will find that you will start to attain heights you never knew you could reach.



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