Chakras: The Energy Flows of Our Body

Chakras: The Energy Flows of Our Body

The 7 Chakras
  The word chakra means ‘’disc’’, ‘’wheel’’ in Sanskrit. It is not possible to see chakras in our physical bodies. However, we can feel their presence in our energy bodies via some biomedical tools. There are thousands of chakras in our body, however, only 7 of them are the main chakras. Actually, there are 12 main chakras but only people who completed their spiritual development could experience all of them. Therefore, the focus will be on the seven chakras in this article.

The main duty of those seven chakras is receiving energy from the lower one and transferring it to the upper chakra. If there is insufficient energy in a chakra, or there is more than we need, this transfer process would fail. Therefore, our chakras should work in a proper way to make us healthy in physical and spiritual ways.
The 7 Chakras
The spiritual energy flows in our body through chakras. They took their powers from the channels in our spines. These channels are known as ‘’Nadi’’ in yoga philosophy. They are responsible for the flow of masculine and feminine energy in our bodies. They transport the energy by wrapping the vertical channel named ‘’Sushumna’’ which extends across our spine. Their names are ‘’Ida’’ which means moon, ‘’Pingala’’ which means Sun. The universal energy enters our body from the root chakra. It works downward. The crown chakra is the highest chakra and it helps us to connect with the spiritual world. The other five chakras work are bidirectional. Their backs have feminine and their fronts have masculine features.

Chakra blockage is a very common situation. There could be different causes of chakra blockage like fear, anger, stress, lack of self-confidence, judgments, sadness, shame, addictions, lack of love, problems in sexual life, traumas, poor nutrition, air pollution, etc.
Chakras do not only correspond to specific areas in our bodies, but they also correspond to specific divisions of our consciousness. Different parts of our consciousness will become more powerful if the chakras which are responsible for those parts are active.

Any negative change in our consciousness will have an effect on related chakra. If there is a tension in the consciousness, neural nets and endocrine glands would be stimulated. Chakras are controlled by the hormonal system and neural nets in their divisions. When the energy which arises from the high tension reaches a certain level, some physical problems occur in the organs/parts of the body related to the chakra. For example, if we have some strict harsh feelings about relationships, those feelings may lead to heart conditions in the future. If we have difficulties in expressing our thoughts and sentiments, that may lead to throat problems.
Before our medical condition gets worse, the energy starts to affect our physical body as a result of high tension.  At this point, we can see physical problems as an opportunity to confront internal problems that we hide from everyone, even from ourselves. In other words, we can accept physical problems as symptoms of our internal problems.  We can overcome our internal problems by balancing our chakras. However, before balancing our chakras, we should change our perspective toward issues that cause tension, anxiety, and fear.
The 7 Chakras
Each chakra represents different hormones, colors, organs, and elements. In her book named ‘’Chakras’’ Anodea Judith defines chakras and identities; the First chakra (Root Chakra) is responsible for self-protection. It focuses on survival in fight-or-flight situations. Its element is soil. If you look for a crystal that supports your root chakra, red jasper, black tourmaline, and bloodstone would be perfect choices. They are all known for their powers to protect against misfortune and removing negativity.

The second chakra is known as Sacral Chakra and it controls emotional identity, our desires, urges, etc. Its element is water. The best natural stone to support the Sacral Chakra is Carnelian. It enhances creativity, motivation, and leadership features in your spirit. As well as carnelian, orange calcite, and Tiger’s eye could be used to support the Sacral Chakra. You can wear all of them as a necklace, bracelet, etc.
The third Chakra is Plexus Chakra and it is responsible for ego-identity. It helps us to identify ourselves. It focuses on issues such as who we are, what our role is in the world, what our goals are etc. Its element is fire. Citrine, tiger’s eye, and moonstone are the best natural stones for Plexus Chakra. They all known for their features that ward off evil spirits.

The fourth chakra is Heart Chakra/Anahita. This chakra is responsible for our social identity. It focuses on accepting ourselves as we are. It also represents our relationship awareness. This chakra wishes to be accepted by others. Sometimes, people could create different personas to be accepted by others, and this chakra is the main reason for that behavior. Its element is air. The most powerful natural stone for Heart Chakra is rose quartz. This stone is known for its feminine spirit. It helps you to purify your heart and you can take a positive attitude in your relationships. Other crystals that you can use for Heart Chakra are emerald and rhodonite.
Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and it represents the creative identity in our spirit. The more our throat chakra is powerful, the better we can express ourselves in a creative way. The Throat Chakras of artists are powerful. Its element is voice. The best crystal for the throat chakra is sodalite. It helps you to express your thoughts and sentiments in a creative way. You can also get help from aquamarine. Aquamarine helps you to get rid of stress and anxiety.

The Third Eye Chakra is our sixth chakra. It is responsible for archetype identity. The main duty of the Third Eye Chakra is to make us think about ourselves. We can understand our true identities as our awareness rises. We can understand who we are, what our fate is, and what our life purpose is if our Third Eye Chakra is open. Its element is light. Azurite would be the best natural stone to support your Third Eye Chakra. Azurite is known as ‘’the stone of heaven’’, and it helps you to develop your spiritual abilities and meditation skills. Dumortierite would also be helpful by supporting your self-discipline skills. To protect your spirit from negative energy, you can use another crystal which is known as Labradorite.
The seventh and the last chakra is the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is responsible for our universal identity. We can understand that we are parts of a universal identity thanks to crown Chakra. Its element is consciousness.  The best crystal which you can use for the Crown Chakra is Lepidolite.  This crystal works as our bridge to reach higher awareness.  It also has a relaxing effect which makes it an ideal stone for meditation. Another crystal which is essential for the Crown Chakra Selenite. Selenite will help your spirit to get rid of negative energy. It would also help you to connect with the spiritual world. Another natural stone, Lapis Lazuli would help you to get in touch with your mystical side.
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