Self-Care Ideas Based on Your Love Language

Self-Care Ideas Based on Your Love Language

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Are you in need of a self-care day? Explore five different ways to express your appreciation for yourself based on your primary love language.

Physical Touch

Give yourself a massage.

A massage is a great way to show yourself physical affection and alleviate some of the stress that your muscles acquire during all their hard work.

To get the most out of this experience, create an atmosphere of relaxation similar to what you would experience from a paid service.

Scented candles infused with relaxing herbal essences such as lavender and eucalyptus are a great way to set the tone, especially if they are energetically charged by a reiki practitioner. Alternatively, tea candles can be used to establish dim lighting while an essential oil diffuser offers the healing effects of aromatherapy.

Play some calming music and grab an oil, perhaps one infused with herbs or CBD. After warming the oil by rubbing it between your hands, begin with your feet and work your way up the body. Show love to every part of your body that you can reach, offering extra time and care to the areas that need it the most.

It is best to do this in the evening after you have showered and before you go to bed. This will allow your body to enter a state of total relaxation as you will not be worried about time or forthcoming tasks.masagge

Acts of Service

Pack your favorite meal for lunch.

Everyone experiences stressful workdays, and lunch breaks can offer us a huge sense of relief amidst the chaos.

However, trying to cram in a commute to the nearest restaurant, the wait time it takes to receive your food, and the time it takes to eat it can turn our long awaited lunch break into yet another stressful event.

Preparing your lunch the day before is a thoughtful way to show yourself some love and support, as you will actually be able to sit down and rest when it comes time for your break.

As well, you know how exciting it is to find your favorite meal and a loving note in our bag if your mother ever packed your lunches as a child. Although we may be adults now, we can always recreate this nurturing act for ourselves with a little extra time and intention.

Words of Affirmation

Write yourself a love letter.

How often do you stop and admire your positive qualities, or thank yourself for what you offer to the world?

Giving yourself the same kind of acknowledgement and affirmation you would want from a lover is a beautiful way to nurture your self-esteem, confidence, and overall happiness.

This exercise may be difficult for many, as we live in a society that constantly encourages us to dislike ourselves so that we will purchase products and services in hopes of feeling better. Self love is deep and difficult work, and challenging this negative programming takes an incredible amount of strength.

If you embark on this journey and come up against some mental blocks, don’t be afraid to start over, walk away and come back, or spend some time brainstorming before crafting the final draft.

Once you’ve finished your letter, you can have the final copy delivered to yourself on the date of your choosing with services such as Dear Future Me.

Quality Time

Take yourself on a picnic date.

Leisurely activities that allow you to unplug from your responsibilities is a wonderful way to show yourself some love.

To give yourself the ultimate standard of care, consider all your needs before arriving just as you would do for a date with a prospective partner.

Are you most comfortable in a chair, or would you prefer to lay on a blanket? Are you prone to bug bites or sunburn? Where is the nearest restroom?

What kind of nourishment do you like to snack on? Perhaps some sandwiches and juice are sufficient, or maybe a full blown charcuterie board and a bottle of wine is more your style. What kind of activities do you enjoy getting lost in? Maybe it’s a good read, your sketchbook, a blank canvas, or your journal. Do you have a portable speaker to play your favorite music? Best to charge it ahead of time.

To go the extra mile, send your location to a loved one and put your phone on Do Not Disturb. This is the time to put all of your focus on yourself.

Receiving Gifts

Treat yourself!

We all have different ways we’d like to receive gifts, so tailoring the manner in which you receive your indulgence can make this act of self-love all the more special.

If there’s something you’ve been eyeballing every time you visit a store, call ahead of time and ask if the associates can gift wrap the item before you come to pick it up. Many businesses also offer gift packaging for online orders, and you can surprise yourself by choosing not to check the tracking number to see when it will arrive.

Pretland jewelry items are a great way to treat yourself while also nurturing your spiritual self. Take some time for self-reflection and consider what energy you’re needing in your life right now. Our gemstones cater to a variety of mental and emotional needs, whether you’re seeking mental clarity, self-compassion, or otherwise.