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7 Chakra Tapestry Yoga Mat
7 Chakra Tapestry Yoga Mat
7 Chakra Tapestry Yoga Mat
7 Chakra Tapestry Yoga Mat
7 Chakra Tapestry Yoga Mat

7 Chakra Tapestry Yoga Mat

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Everything in the universe is made up of energy, that includes every people's inner force on this planet. That vitality twirling inside your body is called Chakra. Chakra is focused beginning at the base of your spinal segment up to the highest point of your head.

There are seven significant chakras that have an extraordinary job to be determined and the strength of your body. They are answerable for the vitality inside the scope of explicit chakra. Here's 7 chakra twirling in your body and their implications:

The Root Chakra-Muladhara

The Sacral Chakra-Svadhishana

The Solar Plexus Chakra-Manipura

The Heart Chakra-Anahata

The Throat Chakra-Vishuddha

The third Eye Chakra-Ajna

The Crown Chakra-Sahasrara

Chakra Meditation

Start by ensuring that you're in a calm spot, enough to maintain a core interest. Breathe in and let the negative energies move away.

Concentrate on your lower spine. Envision a red wheel of light throbbing on that spot. Breath and Relax.

Gradually move a few inches just beneath your navel. Feel the splendid orange wheel of light as you take in.

Only a little inch over your navel, maintain your concentration, and move that pivoting yellow spot. This area is the place you usually feel compelling feelings, for example, love and dread.

As you feel the vitality spinning on your engaged chakras, gradually move your thoughtfulness regarding your chest and envision that green light interfacing with you, your psyche and your body. Remember to breathe.

Between your collars is the place for your next core interest. Consider that to be turning vitality as you take in and out.

Maintain your concentration as you move to your third eye in the middle of your eyebrows. Take a gander at that indigo light making a brilliant inclination

As you move your regard for your head, envision that brilliant shade of violet. Associate now to the universe and feel the harmony and peacefulness it gives you.

7 Chakra Tapestry will be your guide as you center your psyche and body during your contemplation works out. The splendid hues speaking to the 7 chakras will assist you with keeping your consideration on your chakras. Through training, you will before long ace mending and adjusting your wheels of turning vitality.


Product Details:

  • Item Type: Tapestry Yoga Mat
  • Pattern: Printed
  • Shape: Rectangle 
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Cleaning Type: Machine Washable, Hand Wash
  • Size: 70cm x 150cm| 27.6in x 59in


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