Dried Natural Lavender Bouquet
Dried Natural Lavender Bouquet

Dried Natural Lavender Bouquet

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Our dried lavender is 100% Natural and hand-tied into bunches of approximately 100 stems! Freshly harvested these natural Lavenders unique fragrance and colours will bring an aromatic experience to your home or any occasion. When you see or hear the word “lavender,” you might instantly think of a lighter shade of purple. But there’s more to this herb than its colour. Lavender is a flowering plant in that’s easily identified by its sweet floral scent. This natural lavender has a wonderful scent and a deep purple colour!

Lavender is known to use for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. It is very useful for the sense of being overwhelmed experienced by very nervous or restless people, or those going through emotional imbalance.

It does not shed according to the different dried lavender in the market and it doesn't spill in its own place. 

ATTENTION The products were harvested by hand in bunches of lavender gardens and then shaken. The smell of natural lavender is on like the first day. Product will be sent as bundle as shown in the image. There may be some difference in tone because of dry flower hand painting.

Product Details

  • Material: Natural Dried Lavender
  • Total Length: About 50-55 cm / 20" Inches 
  • Colour: Purple


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Insured Shipping Estimated Delivery Times :

    USA: 1- 2 weeks (4 - 10 Days)

    WORLDWIDE: 3-5 weeks 

     The peak time for the shipping started due to the several festivals. So the packages will be a little delayed. Might be extended to 21 business days.

    *Contains 10 flowers.

    **Country of origin: Ottoman Empire (Anatolia-Turkey)


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