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Forever Love Bracelet
Forever Love Bracelet
Forever Love Bracelet
Forever Love Bracelet
Forever Love Bracelet
Forever Love Bracelet

Forever Love Bracelet

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How could you live without love? Forever Love Bracelet is The Ambassador of Love. To feel the love, you should get this bracelet. Forever Love Bracelet is handmade with different types of natural semi-precious gemstone beads such as Jasper and Amazonite that have special healing properties. This bracelet is perfect for loved ones.

 While you were wearing natural healing stone this bracelet you will be protected by stone energies, deeply penetrating your body and aura. The gems work on neutralizing the energetic blockages that limit positive. Additionally, the gemstone energies uplift and inspire you and enhance your health.

 The other stone is Amazonite known as the "hope" stone. An amazonite is a manifestation tool, especially in a daily meditation practice. It is said to physic powers, creativity, intellect, and physical ability. Also said to beneficial to communication. Amazonite is known for having crystal healing to heal emotional disturbances and a balanced body.

 The Jasper stone is the meaning of energy which is a very warm and protective stone as you have known. It creates a strong connection to the earth. No matter what color you find the Jasper in - be it yellow, green, purple, blue, or deep earthy red.

Love is not a complicated thing. Make your loved ones happy, gift them this pretty bracelet.

 Product Details:

  • Item Type: Wrap Bracelet
  • Material: Leather, Amazonite Beads, Jasper Beads
  • Length: adjustable 19.6 inches (50 cm) + 3 closures

Note: Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

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