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Imperial Lotus Flower Bracelet
Imperial Lotus Flower Bracelet
Imperial Lotus Flower Bracelet

Imperial Lotus Flower Bracelet

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Wear this bracelet and bring calm to your life with this stunning Imperial Lotus Flower Bracelet! It is handmade with natural Jasper beads and a golden Lotus Flower Charm!

Jasper connects you to the spiritual world. It stimulates the throat chakra, balances yin yang energy, and stabilizes the aura. This stone sustains your energy during fasting, heals degenerative diseases, and balances mineral deficiency. Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer". It sustains and supports you during times of stress and brings tranquillity and a feeling of wholeness.

Additionally Jasper courage, readiness for conflict, aggression when dealing with things in a straightforward manner. and willpower. It encourages endurance and the ability to protect yourself and others. It also stimulates the imagination and helps transform ideas into action. ​It imparts determination to all tasks. It brings you the courage to get to grips with problems and encourages you to be honest with yourself.

If you are looking for these features this impressive elegance bracelet is for you!

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Bracelet Type: Stretch Bracelet
  • Stone Type: Jasper
  • Stone Size: 10mm
  • Material: Natural Stone, Alloy
  • Shape/Pattern: Lotus Flower Charm
  • Size: 18 cm (7.09 in)



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