King Jasper Bracelet
King Jasper Bracelet
King Jasper Bracelet
King Jasper Bracelet

King Jasper Bracelet

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The main stone of this beautiful bracelet is called the King Stone. It strengthens self-determination in a fight against injustice and vulnerability.

King Jasper Stone is linked with the nobility of spirit and purpose, it is the perfect anti-stress stone for those in charge of others’ well-being, and for older children and teenagers to carry to resist being led into unwise behavior or risky situations. While the Jasper Stone connects you to the spiritual world, it stimulates the throat chakra and balances yin and yang energies. It is thought to encourage recovery from trauma, severe accident or a major illness where a person has to learn to live again. It benefits older people who are taking later in life qualifications or career changes.

This is the perfect crystal for anyone who has a lot of responsibility for the wellbeing of others or whose decisions affect the lives of others.

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Handcraft Bracelet
  • Stones: Natural Jasper
  • Length: 8 inches (19 cm) (Slightly varies depending on Stone size)
  • Bead Diameter: 8mm


Note: Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.


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