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Mystic Amethyst Wrap Bracelet
Mystic Amethyst Wrap Bracelet
Mystic Amethyst Wrap Bracelet
Mystic Amethyst Wrap Bracelet

Mystic Amethyst Wrap Bracelet

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This Natural Amethyst Transition Wrap Bracelet contains a large, pear-shaped, polished natural bracelet that is perfect for you! 
Amethyst is a special stone for protection against negative emotions. It eliminates anger, fear, and anxiety as well as other negative energy. Amethyst is known for bringing calmness and mental clarity. It promotes emotional balance, clear and intellectual thinking. It is also used to help improve concentration and motivation.

Amethyst has the power to help you focus your energy and enhance your memory.  
Amethyst crystals are aiding the crown chakra that is the highest chakra. It not only opens the crown chakra but also protects against negative energy and emotions. If you own this handcrafted bracelet, you will feel uplifting your energy!

Turquoise stones are one of the most ancient gemstones. Turquoise meaning embodies power, wisdom, luck, protection, and immortality. The extensive use of this blue-green mineral rock throughout the centuries revolves around turquoise meaning. It powers encourage a sense of emotional balance, peace, and serenity. Turquoise healing powers support empathy and balance.

By the way, Howlite is predominantly a calming stone. This stone will also work in giving you the strength to let go of unhealthy attachments and old emotional pains. It can soften or remove your anger, your aggressiveness, and your being unreasonable.

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Wrap Bracelet
  • Clasp Type: Easy-hook
  • Material: Amethyst, Turquoise, howlite, leather
  • Length: Around 50cm and 3 closures
  • Metals Type: Stainless Steel
  • Shape\pattern: Pear Shaped Stone


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