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Spiritual Mixed Stone Wrap Bracelet
Spiritual Mixed Stone Wrap Bracelet
Spiritual Mixed Stone Wrap Bracelet

Spiritual Mixed Stone Wrap Bracelet

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Spiritual Mixed Stone Wrap Bracelet is thought by some to empower and drive you, as well as giving you peace and even luck! It is carefully handmade with Jasper, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, and Turquoise beads.  
Jasper stone represents earthy and strong characteristics. This stone is excellent for someone searching for grounding and stability. It is a magnificent stone for enhancing patience and coping with change. Jasper stone has the benefits that, aids in quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities, and completing the projects in time. Jasper stone is used to prevent illness. It also heals and balances the chakras. Its restorative properties are a treasure for treating physical illness.
Agate has the power of uncovering invisible positive energy. It is known as a good luck stone and a stone of harmony. It is a great stone for easing anxiety and stress. It can also increase energy, but only when needed. This stone is a popular healing crystal that can be balancing for healing when you are worried about your life. It also helps enhance your feelings of stability and brings you a sense of peace and calm.
Lapis Lazuli provides an awareness of one's motivations and beliefs and gives a clearer perspective of one's whole life. It reveals not only one's limitations but the opportunities for growth and to utilize one's gifts and abilities. It is a crystal of known truth in all aspects. Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, allowing for peace and serenity. Placed over the third eye and it expands awareness and conscious attunement to the intuitive self, stimulating enlightenment and enhancing dream work. As well as It permits spiritual journeying and tapping into personal and spiritual power.
The ‘Stone of Evolution’, brings encouragement for growth, development, and positive change within life itself. Turquoise stones open the mind to new ideas, new possibilities, and new existence.  African Turquoise is a stone that brings structure, balance, and prosperity where it is due.
 Product Details:
      Bracelets Type: Handmade Wrap Bracelets
      Natural Stone: Jasper, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, African Turquoise
      Length: 32.5 inches + 3 Loops for Adjustability

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