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Spiritual Raw Pink Tourmaline Crystal

Spiritual Raw Pink Tourmaline Crystal

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Spiritual stones have been used as a symbol of power for years. Many people collected stones to feel the energy. This energy makes them feel healthier both emotionally and physically. These stones open the chakras and affect your body immediately. They bring positive energy and eliminate negative ones. In the past, people believed that if you keep the spiritual stones clean and meditate with them, your crystals begin to speak to you and show the ways of health and happiness.
Today, crystals still have the same metaphysical features. Many people prefer to use them in their houses as decorations or as jewelry on their bodies. Hence, they are feeling the energy of the stones.
If you place any spiritual stone around your home or any other living space, you will benefit from the energy of these inspiring stones. 
Tourmaline represents a love of humanity and humanitarianism. It is worn to promote sympathy toward others. Amazingly Raw Tourmaline Crystal is the best for creating a deep connection with Mother Earth and your surroundings. Spiritual Raw Pink Tourmaline Crystal is Pure Art. Live with art.  


Product Details:

Material: Natural Pink Tourmaline Crystal

Color: Pink

Size: 130-160 gr / 170-220 gr

Quantity: 1 pc

Shape: Irregular shape


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