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Spiritual Rhodochrosite Bracelet
Spiritual Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Spiritual Rhodochrosite Bracelet

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Rhodochrosite Crystal is known as a stone of self-love. If you have a rhodochrosite crystal, you will feel more cheerful, active, dynamic, and buoyant. It stimulates your creativity, sense of personal power, and dream states. It is useful as a dream catcher. By means of this stone, you will sleep better without any nightmare. 

Rhodochrosite opens the heart chakra in addition to awaken feelings of self-confidence. Also, it encourages a positive and cheerful outlook. You need a rhodochrosite stone because it will help you embrace your own personal power to achieve your full potential.

Rhodochrosite stone brings love, health, and inner peace. You should have this Spiritual Rhodochrosite Bracelet.

Product Details:

Material: Rhodochrosite

Color: Pink

Rope Type: Elastic

Item Type: Strand Bracelet


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