How to Use Crystals for Insomnia

How to Use Crystals for Insomnia

How to Use Crystals for Insomnia

After a day’s work or when the body is tired, the one thing you want to do is rest and sleep. Sleep is needed for the body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed, agile, alert and energetic when you wake up. It also acts as a natural remedy for stress, keeping your body healthy and your mind clear.

In today's world, it might be difficult and almost impossible to get enough sleep due to the hustle and chaos associated with everyday activities. The thought of current events, general health, jobs, finances, and personal relationships might keep you turning and tossing all night long, trying to come up with a new plan or solution to looming problems.

Stressing over things robs us of sleep and forces us to stay awake all night, which can have unfavorable implications. Some of them include;

  • Increased irritability and impatience.
  • Severe mood changes.
  • Shorten attention span and difficulty remembering
  • A weakened immune
  • A drastic change in 

We need to relax to clear our minds. And to relax, the thoughts that keep us active need to be channeled into more peaceful energy.

You may have tried a bunch of sleeping pills or teas with the hope that they will put you to sleep almost as soon as your head touches the pillow. Regrettably, some of these products have expiry dates, and there is a big chance that you could become entirely dependent on them, leading to overdose or addiction.

Fortunately, crystals offer a natural, safe, and long-term answer to most of your sleeping issues, including insomnia and sleepwalking. Crystals keep at bay negative thoughts that prevent you from getting the rest that you need. They take away stress, anxiety,  and other factors that keep you from sleeping at night.

5 Crystals to Help You Sleep

Every crystal contains a generous dose of soothing energy. The relaxing and positive energy these crystals give simplifies getting a proper goodnight's sleep. This is why we have compiled five stones guaranteed to calm the mind, relax the body and help you catch some shut-eye.


If the thoughts that keep you awake at night are centered on emotional problems, then moonstone is the gem for you. It provides solace, comfort, and relief from heartaches that come from troubled personal relationships or the loss of someone you love.

 Often known as the stone of new beginnings, the gem assists in adjusting to changes in your life that might be interfering with your sleep routine. It eases the transition from what life used to be to the way it is now by giving you the courage to accept reality and take things one step at a time.

How to use Moonstone

Moonstone can also be combined with other crystals, such as smoky quartz to provide additional comfort and serenity at night. Placing moonstone under your bed will lull you to sleep and give you sweet dreams.


Amethyst is known as the "All-purpose" stone. The gem invites you to settle down with its relaxing energy and ability to cut through stress and relieve tension and anxiety. It cleanses the mind of negative energy and thoughts for people who suffer from sleeplessness and nightmares.

Amethyst will bring mental clarity to uncertainties and problems in the mind while you sleep, leaving you rejuvenated and peaceful when you wake. Whether awake or asleep, amethyst makes use of a sedative, comforting approach on your mind and body to get rid of heavy and pessimistic thoughts.

How to use Amethyst

To get the best from the crystal, you can place it under your pillow or one on each side while laying on your back.


The transparent quality of selenite is a clear example of how your mind should look before going to sleep- clear and at ease. Selenite absorbs negative energy around you, giving clarity and unraveling the jumble of thoughts in your mind that keep you awake.

The stone increases your chances of getting quality sleep by creating a soothing frequency that quickly puts you at peace and sends you to sleep irrespective of what is going on around you.

How to use Selenite

For sensitive people, it is advisable to use a small piece of selenite so that you don't create excess energy that will, instead of making you sleep, keep you up throughout the night. The best way to use the crystal is to place it at the foot of your bed or on a nightstand.


Lepidolite is a stone that fosters good sleep by relieving tension, stress and transporting you to a state of tranquility. It is a relaxing crystal that is sometimes referred to as a "stone of peace.” It can improve your mood, putting you in a Zen mode and the right frame of mind.

The crystal also clears your mind and thoughts, closing all the tabs that contain your thoughts before your head hits the pillow. Lepidolite creates a sense of safety and security, introducing harmony and balance, all of which are vital ingredients for curing insomnia and getting a good night's rest.

Lepidolite helps you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, clear-headed, and ready for the day.

How to use Lepidolite 

Before getting ready for bed, you can hold the crystal in your palm to manifest ease and balance for your mind. Place Lepidolite under your pillow once you are prepared to sleep.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone best for manifesting when dealing with insomnia, nightmares, or restlessness at night. You can use the crystal to get the much-needed sleep you deserve and the rejuvenation that comes with it.

It has an immediate soothing impact that delivers relaxing energy to your mind, allowing you to let go of what keeps you awake at night and send you on the way to peaceful slumber.

How to use Smoky Quartz

As a grounding stone, the best way to make use of Smoky Quartz is to hold it in your hand and manifest what you want it to do for you.

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