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Natural Stones for Gemini

Natural Stones for Gemini

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, and the duration of Gemini is between May 21 and June 21. The most significant characteristics of Gemini are happiness, intelligence, and friendliness. The ruler of this sign is Mercury. Gemini personalities could draw attention in any social environment. Although they are friendly and happy people, from the outside, they are anxious people. The biggest flaw of Gemini personalities is their instability. Therefore, the natural stones they choose to have should be ones known for their effects on stability. Tiger eye, aquamarine and carnelian are the perfect natural stones for the Gemini.


Powerful Natural Stones for Gemini

The most powerful natural stone for the Gemini sign is the tiger eye. Anyone who is interested in astrology and zodiac signs know the spiritual powers of the tiger eye for Gemini. Tiger eye affects Gemini personality in a positive way in terms of stability. If people whose zodiac sign are Gemini have tiger eye on them in the form of necklace or any other accessories, it would be easier to make a decision for them. It also affects the mood of Gemini personality in a positive way. Aquamarine is another powerful crystal for the Gemini sign. It helps people who are Gemini in the sense of courage and stability. They could make bold decisions thanks to Aquamarine. Geminis could have mood changes in a day because of their unstable personalities. Carnelian is the perfect remedy against low mood for Gemini people. Thanks to its spirit Carnelian gives energy to the people and prevents mood changes.  When Geminis have Carnelian on their body, they could feel themselves more energetic and happier.


Natural Stones for Rising Gemini

It could be true to say that rising Geminis have unique personalities. They could surprise people around them every time. They could have rapid mood swings because they are really emotional people. Thus, they need a natural stone which offers calmness and serenity. This stone is the tourmaline. When Geminis have it on their body, they could relax and stay calm in the day. It also helps Geminis to concentrate.


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  • Yeah, I agree with you Stavroula. I’m one of the Gemini people too and life sometimes may be really ruthless.

  • Well your right on the Gemini when it comes to sensitivity. I have very extreme sensitivity to the point it affects my everyday life. Idk if I’m one of the 15 percent of hsp or empath but it’s a curse .


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