What YOU Need To Know About The Sturgeon Moon 🌚

Did you know there is a meaning behind every full moon and it has a special name for each month?
We are approaching August, which is also known as the Sturgeon Moon month.
But where did the term Sturgeon Moon come from?
In ancient times, native American tribes named it the Sturgeon Moon because of the large number of this huge freshwater fish that were once found in North American lakes and rivers.
As sturgeons can live for 140 years, it symbolises hope for those who are having tough times.
It encourages us to have hope that we will make it through the rest of the year.
So if you are going through something difficult now, don't give up!
Also, did you know that this full moon has other names such as Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon and Barley Moon – all inspired by the crops harvested this month?
But, this is also an important time for us. 
Moonlight is the brightest and strongest during the full moon, enhancing the spiritual power of our crystals.
By soaking our crystals in moonlight, it cleanses and charges them with energy.
This allows us to meditate better and absorb the positive vibrations of our crystals more strongly.

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