Natural Stones for Capricorn

Capricorn Crystals 

      Capricorn is the tenth sign of Zodiac. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. The duration of Capricorn is December 22 and January 20. It is one of the negative and feminine signs. The most significant characteristics of Capricorn are diligence, tenaciousness, sticking to the plans and prudence. They are generally successful people. When they set a goal, they reach it at the end of the day.  It could be hard to make friends for them because they look distant. However, they would be good friends for you if you become friends with them. They are very faithful and trustworthy. Because they are meticulous people, they could become depressed easily if their plans failed. Natural stones like jasper, garnet and malachite could help them to overcome the problems they face in life.


Powerful Stones for Capricorn

      Jasper is the most beneficial natural stone for Capricorns. Jasper helps them to increase their determination and patience. When Capricorns have a jasper on their body, they would feel more powerful and self-confident. Jasper could be worn as a necklace, ring or other kinds of accessories. When Capricorns have jasper, they become more successful.

      Garnet is another crystal which has powerful spiritual effects on Capricorns. It is widely believed that garnet helps people to feel peaceful. When Capricorns have that stone on their body, they could get positive energy from the stone. This stone is associated with positive feelings.

      Malachite is also a beneficial stone for Capricorns. Malachite helps Capricorns to awaken their positive spirit. It would help you to overcome anxiety or stress.


Natural Stones for Rising Capricorns

      Onyx and jet are the most powerful natural stones for rising Capricorns. Rising Capricorns are prone to depression, especially when their plans failed. When Capricorns have jet with them, they can clear negative energy easily and start thinking in a positive way.  When jet is combined with onyx, the effects would be stronger.


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