Birthstones for March

Birthstones for March

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 Birthstones for March

The word March comes from the Latin word Martius which was coined after Mars, the Roman god of war.

March is the first month of the old Roman calendar and one of many named after gods. Although many countries now use the Gregorian calendar, which has two other months before March, specific cultures and faiths continue to mark the beginning of a New Year on March 1. 

Here are some of the fantastic facts about March:

March is undoubtedly one of the best months of the year because it has a little bit of everything. There are warm days in the month for people who love spring and everything cheer and cold days for others who want to appreciate the cold one more time.

Springtime in March signifies that flowers are blooming, and the extra hours of daylight mean you don't have to go out all bundled up.

However, one of the best parts of the month is its birthstones. For those born in March, this is the opportunity to invest and take part in the generous benefits of the stones. March-borns are blessed with three powerful gemstones to protect, preserve, and safeguard them through all seasons.

Birthstones are an excellent option if you're looking for a present for a loved one or yourself this March. These gemstones also provide aesthetic value that can be worn in the form of jewelry accessories.


Aquamarine is a pale bluish-green gemstone that originated from the ocean millions of years ago.

Aquamarine is derived from two Latin words, aqua, which means "water," and marina, which means "of the sea." Some people believed that aquamarine stones came from mermaid tails and saw them as an instrument of good luck and protection, especially for sailors.

In Ancient Greek, seamen would carry the gemstone along with them for safe passage on the sea. Being a mermaid's possession, they believed that the crystal not only granted them protection at sea but also prevented seasickness. At night, they slept with the stones under their mattresses, assured of peaceful rest.


Aquamarine represents courage and strength. It is also associated with the feeling of calmness, tranquility, mental clarity, and balance. As the birthstone of the month that ushers in spring, it signifies rebirth, optimism, vitality, and hope. It stirs in people a desire for better and brighter things.

Taking on the relaxing effect of the sea, the gemstone relieves tension and helps to clear the mind. It inspires tolerance, provides support, opens the mind to possibilities, sharpens perception, clears confusion, and increases general awareness. It also encourages self-expression, self-mediation and acts as a calming aid for anxiety.

Aquamarine can be used to treat nasal and respiratory issues. It is also believed to be beneficial in alleviating colds, flu, and other allergies. The gemstone is helpful for people suffering from skin infections, inflammation, and other skin-related diseases.


Brazil is the largest miner of Aquamarine, but other deposits can be found in Nigeria, Tanzania, Madagascar, Russia, Zambia, Mozambique, and Pakistan. 


Bloodstone gem has since long ago been associated with the capacity to manipulate the weather, foretell the future and promote creativity. Not only that, it was so popular that people began to use it for jewelry, home accessories, and even statues.

The Babylonians used it to manufacture amulets and talismans that were believed to possess healing abilities. Ancient Egyptians thought that the stone could make a person invisible in battle, giving them the advantage of subtlety and disguise over their enemies.

Some others believe that the first bloodstone was formed as Christ's blood flowed at the foot of the crucifixion, hence the areas of red coloration or blood splatters on the gemstone.


Bloodstone symbolizes vitality and persistence. It is used to boost enthusiasm, endurance, physical strength and fuel creative energy. When confused, the stone helps to organize our thoughts, removing unwanted interferences that keep us stagnant.

As an effective grounding stone, it anchors you to your surroundings by dispelling negative energy, making you feel safe and secure in your abilities. Bloodstone promotes self-assurance, enabling you with the right amount of confidence, trust, and self-worth needed to make excellent decisions.

As the name implies, the gemstone is a healing aid for everything related to blood and its circulation within the body. It supports the immune system, improves blood circulation, and cleanses the organs in the body. It can also be used to speed up the treatment of blood-related disorders like leukemia.


You can find deposits of bloodstone in countries like the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, India, and Australia.


Jasper is a gemstone with a rich history.

The stone was mentioned in several instances in the bible and can also be found in other ancient texts. Although Jasper is now an ordinary stone that can be purchased easily, it used to be very valuable in making bow drills and tools for performing ancient rites and ceremonies.

It was revered as a gemstone of great importance and value


Jasper is a nurturing and grounding stone. It stabilizes its wearer in times of stress and helps maintain a level head in a crisis.

The gemstone dispels bad energy, relieves tension, and blocks distractions that are likely to cause stress, overthinking, anxiety and depression. It creates an aura of comfort, peace, and stability.

Jasper makes us see and appreciate the little good moments in life and see them as things to be thankful for, like March and the warmth it brings. The gemstone helps us forgive, forget past hurts, and fill us with the strength and courage to move on or start anew.

It aids in the detoxification of body organs, repairs the digestive tract, strengthens the immune system, improves vision, and is beneficial in treating various types of skin diseases.


Major Jasper mines and deposits can be found in India, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, Russia, North America, with smaller deposits located in several regions worldwide.

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