Crystals for Courage

Crystals for Courage

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Hi dear,

How was your week? Mine was a little bit challenging. Sometimes, I felt that I couldn't find the courage to make the right choices. Lucky me, I had my crystals! Whether you’re struggling to face a difficult situation, or are fearful about expanding your horizons, I think Garnet and Amazonite can help.
Garnet is able to turn a seemingly hopeless situation into something more tangible and positive, allowing a clearer vision of how to move forward. It also inspires confidence and stabilizes emotions, giving you a solid foundation to make decisions and face the uncertainty of life with bravery.
Amazonite, named after the brave and strong Amazonian women, is a powerful stone that can help you accept change and recognize the benefits of going through a difficult situation. It also teaches you how to avoid dangerous situations by recognizing other options. It helps you face fears and stand up to people without feeling vulnerable. Known for instilling bravery in the wearer, it discourages violence and builds a strong sense of personal power.

Do you have any crystal to add to the list?


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