Crystals for Self Love

Crystals for Self Love

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How is your week going so far? Today, I’d love to talk about self love. It is one of the most important things because if you cannot show true love and compassion towards yourself, it is very difficult to show it towards others. Not only this, but practicing self love helps to raise your vibration, making you more likely to manifest your dreams and your soulmate with the law of attraction.

Citrine is an excellent companion for those who are working on developing self love. It helps them to see the beauty inside themselves that others sometimes fail to see. It is also connected to the root chakra which can help you stay balanced and grounded with your emotions!

Onyx is great to use for a spiritual self love journey if you ever find yourself connecting with the higher realm! It also works to strengthen your willpower which can help you to break bad habits that have been formed over time.

Rose Quartz is often used as an effective stone for love in general. It possess a love of all kinds and can enhance your life in an amazing way! It is also able to help you rediscover your inner child and inner strength. This encourages you to accept all the amazing qualities within you!

I love you so much, I hope you love yourself too!


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