Hi everyone, what’s up?

It’s been a while since we talked. I’ve been busy with work and some spiritual studies recently. I’m preparing myself to upcoming Mercury retrograde, so I decided to share some tips for how to handle it. It is starting on September 9th and will last until October 2nd. I believe you have heard about this Mercury retrograde but let me remind you what it is about and what the effects are.

Mercury is the planet of communication, information, logic and transportation. When it goes retrograde, it's not actually moving backwards, but it does appear to be from our perspective on Earth—and subsequently, Mercury-related themes can get turned on their heads.

During the Mercury retrograde I always wear my Amethyst  and Turquoise  jewelry. I appreciate the energy of these crystals and strongly suggest you to prefer them to handle difficulties of the retrograde. For instance, when I wear my amethyst ring I feel that I can express myself clearer. Besides, whenever I wear my turquoise bracelet my life goes smoother. This is the reason I’m planning to wear them during the retrograde. I have to ease my work despite the misfortunes.

I can’t wait to hear from you about mercury retrograde, what your precautions are and which crystals you prefer during this time.

Crystal blessings,


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