Best Crystals for Coping with Grief

Best Crystals for Coping with Grief

Best Crystals for Coping with Grief

At one point or the other, we have all wrestled with some loss like losing loved ones, jobs, failed relationships, goals that were never accomplished, and even our sense of self in a place we once thought was meant for us. Sometimes these losses meet us unprepared, and we do not know how to deal with them. They leave us empty, drained, and in a desperate search for a form of relief.

Even when it is something we earlier anticipated, it doesn’t make it easier to deal with. Grief takes away the smile from our faces and leaves us to deal with the tears and heartaches. While you may feel that the burden is too significant to carry, some things can help you process your grief.

These little helpers are crystals and they go a long way in comforting and guiding you through your healing process. Crystals do not take all the pain away, but they bring compassion, inner strength, acceptance, and the courage to deal with your loss.

Five Stages of Grief

Grief and loss are often dealt with in stages. These stages help to identify and frame how we feel. However, processing grief doesn’t always follow a particular order, and it might take a long time for you to go through all the stages. They are there to help us understand how grief works and how to better cope with life and loss.


Denial is the first stage of grief. It is also a coping mechanism that buys enough time to pace our feelings of hopelessness. This period is filled with confusion, chaos and it becomes hard to process things happening around us. It is nature’s way of giving us only what we can handle at that moment, till we become stronger.


Anger comes when you move out of denial. This is when you begin to process the overwhelming pain like a bubble, ready to burst. You feel the need to channel the hurt you feel at anyone or anything, looking for answers to why your loved one had to die, why you had to get fired, or why you feel so lost. 


In this stage, we are willing to do anything to go back and change the circumstances that lead to the loss. We tell ourselves that if we had been there, we might have somehow prevented the death of someone dear to us. We struggle to find a sense of control over the feeling of helplessness that overwhelms us.


This is the stage when we finally feel the total weight of the loss. We feel empty, weighed down, and it feels like the pain will last forever. It is essential to know that this is an important step in dealing with grief, but seeking help from a professional is advisable if it gets too much.


This is the final stage. It is coming to terms that this is a new reality. It doesn't mean that the memories will no longer hurt, but instead, you can draw strength from the knowledge that there were also good moments. You begin to form new connections, go out, and try to live again.


5 Crystals to Aid in Your Healing Process


Amethyst is perhaps one of the most efficient crystals when dealing with emotional and personal losses.

It is usual to have anxiousness, worry, or overall tension throughout the grieving process, making it difficult to function in everyday life. You might find yourself beginning to struggle with your thoughts, and getting out of bed might seem like an arduous task.

The energy of amethyst stones is calming, promoting serenity and happiness. It can also assist you in carrying out essential functions by providing emotional stability and inner strength. Amethyst can also help battle addictions that might have seemed a source of relief but could later cause harm to you.


A big part of coping with grief is accepting that the past is indeed the past. We want to hold on to what was, in the hopes that somehow, the pain we feel from the loss would disappear as it had never been there in the first place.

Moonstone gives you the strength to face reality, process your grief, and let out the anger you feel within.

It helps you forgive the ones you loved for leaving you behind or the people that hurt you for the pain they caused. The crystal helps you through all the stages of grief, but it is beneficial for guiding you through the rage you feel and numbness to find a place where you can begin to heal.


It is easy for overwhelming feelings to weigh you down when you are grieving. When these feelings settle, your anxiety is heightened and you feel tired every time. The fiery energy of the crystal can be beneficial in refueling your adrenaline, providing you with the push you need to keep adrenal exhaustion away.

When it feels like you can no longer go on, pyrite provides you with enthusiasm, passion, zeal to push through and make things happen, one day at a time.

Smoky Quartz 

Grief-inducing trauma tends to leave you with a feeling of detachment. It is as though there is nothing to hold, to keep you grounded. Owning a piece of smoky quartz around will remind you that you need to realize that there is more to life, and there are people around who care for you.

While realizing this might be an unpleasant experience, the crystal absorbs anxiety. It dispels fear so that the feeling of realization isn't threatening or fills you with dread but instead helps you appreciate the good things left.


Sunstone is a crystal that brings light and energy. It is essential during times of loss since if we allow ourselves to obsess on what is going on, we will descend even farther into the arms of our pain and rage.

Sunstone offers that boost that comes with the feeling of being able to overcome anything. When confronted with loss, it soothes your feelings and transforms them into a sense of hopefulness- which is a step higher than you were before.

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