How To Charge Crystals

How To Charge Crystals

How To Charge Crystals


Crystals hold power that promotes mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. They are often used to cleanse the mind, body, soul and ward off negative energy.

From healing simple ailments, fighting depression, and increasing one's chances of stepping out of the house to a day filled with good fortune, the list of crystal uses seems endless.

But, as much as you use them, you also need to charge the crystals periodically to get the best out of them. This is because crystals accumulate the energy we do not need, leaving what we need to reach us.

For example, if your crystal is used for good fortune or protection, your crystal does the work of absorbing the negative energy, bad luck, and danger.

After a while, you will need to charge them again. It is similar to charging your phone after using it for hours, so the battery doesn't run out, or going to sleep to refuel your body and have enough energy for another day. If crystals are not cleansed and charged, they will not work to the best of their capabilities.

What Methods are Best Suited For Charging Your Crystals

There are so many methods to charge your crystals. While each technique will work as effectively as the next, the first key is to follow your intuition.

There is a unique bond you create with your crystal that centers on intimacy and intuition. If you listen carefully to your instincts, you will discover the method{s} best suited for the charging process.

However, some crystals should not be submerged in water or cleansed with salt, and some have the power to purify themselves and cleanse other crystals. So, before we go into the methods that you can use to charge crystals, let's talk about these exceptions:

● The general rule of thumb is; most crystals that end in “ite” do not do well in water. They include but are not limited to; Halite, Angelite, kyanite, fluorite, selenite, azurite, calcite.

● Crystals that you should not cleanse with salt or saltwater include; Turquoise, Imperial Topaz, Red Coral, Fire Opal, Moonstone, and all Calcites. Putting these stones in salt or saltwater can cause them to rust.

Some mystics believe that some crystals like Rhodizite, Selenite, Phenacite, Astronomies, Viking balls, and more do not need the charge. It is based on the fact that these stones oppose negative energy, immediately transform negative energy to positive, and deflect evil. They believe that since these do not absorb the energy they protect us from, they can recharge themselves.

However, some others seem to disagree. Going with your intuition regarding whether these stones need to be restored or not is the best solution.

How to Charge your Crystals

Now that we have talked about the exemptions, what methods can you use to charge your crystals? According to experts, here are six different ways of recharging.

1. Under the full moon

The full moon is filled with a cleansing ability that works with your crystals. All you need to do is take your crystals out, lay them in a safe spot, and leave them there till the following day. You can also perform a ritual to make the most out of the full moon's energy- write things you want to get rid of from your life and burn them in candles lit around the crystals in a circle.

You can also place the crystals on your window sill or balcony, as long the reflection of the moon gets to those places.

2. Burying your crystals under the Earth

Crystals have a deep connection with the Earth because that was their original home- the beauty of crystals is seen as a reflection of Earth's compassion. So, what better way to charge them than to return them to Mother Earth?

You can both bury the stone and leave it for someone else who needs it or bury it inside a box so that retrieval is easy.

Some crystals need to be buried for a day or week. Depending on the stone, others might take months or years, your intuition, and how much it needs to be charged. The longer your crystals spend beneath the Earth, the more it charges.

3. Sunlight

As natural sources of energy go, sunlight is one good {not to mention-easy} way of charging your crystals. Because a full moon does not appear every day and your crystals might get lost under the Earth, it is safe to say that this method is pretty convenient.

All you have to do is place your crystals under the sun for about five minutes or even more. But, you have to know that some crystals might fade and lose their luster if kept under the sun for too long.

If your crystals have the potential to become dull if placed under direct sunlight, you can leave them out during the day on your windowsill. That way, they can get sunlight without the full glare.

4. Charging your crystals with intention

Your crystal is programmed to do what to want, either absorb or deflect energy you don't need. After being used for a while, you can recharge crystals by projecting your interests and intentions on them.

Find a spot where you can meditate without obstruction or interruption. You can schedule a period when you know you have enough time on your hands to get your mind free and calm of all thoughts and encumbrances.

In that state, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and focus on aligning it with your intentions in mind. Send positive energy and desires to the crystal.

Tell what you want the crystal to do and repeat it three times to spur it into action.


It is essential to know that when we charge our crystals, we are doing it for ourselves. We need the positive energy stored in them to radiate overall success and fortune in our lives.

These measures, however little, will go a long way in achieving that purpose.

Let the universe guide you. Happy manifesting.





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