Jasper Crystal

Benefits & Cleansing of Jasper Crystal

 Jasper Crystal

Color: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Born in: India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay and the United States 

Chakras: Heart, Sacral, Crown

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio

Elements: Fire


How To Clean Jasper Stone?

            Jasper stone is a kind of quartz. All of the quartz stones are quite strong. You can clean jasper by using a warm, soapy and soft cloth or brush. You should be sure that you rinse well in order to get rid of soap residue.

            Although quartz is hard and enduring, there are some stones including diamond, sapphire, spinel and topaz could easily scratch quartz. You should avoid using or storing your jewelry and gemstones with other gemstones in order to prevent them from getting scratched and broken.

            You should avoid any chemicals such as bleacher or sulphuric acid to clean your stone. If you use chemicals, jasper stone could easily absorb chemicals and become porous. You should also  not expose jasper to heat. High heat could change the color of your jasper stone permanently.


Benefits of Jasper Stone

            Jasper stone has strong and curative qualities. It makes you feel strong and healthy, and it increases physical resistance.

            The other benefits known of jasper stone;

  • It cleans the body from toxins(toxic substances)
  • It is also helpful against snake and spider poisoning.
  • It absorbs the earthy energy and transfers it to the human body. Therefore, it creates vigor and physical balance in the body.
  • It absorbs negative energy in the body, and bad thoughts in our mind. Then, it exports them to the outer world.
  • It helps to create blood in the body.
  • It has hematinic qualities.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It strengthens liver. It speeds up the recovery process when you are sick.
  • It supports the digestive system. Helpful in the treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases. It keeps stomach and intestines healthy.
  • It makes the person feel healthy and strong, and increases the physical resistance.
  • It is known as the stone of power and courage. It brings the necessary courage and heartedness for self-independence.
  • It gives the ability of intellectual speaking and manner skills.
  • It brings fruitfulness to the owner.
  • It is used for improvement of sexual power on men.
  • It takes effect slowly. Therefore, it should be used for a long time.


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