Crystals for Mental Health

Crystals for Mental Health

Hi dear,

I’d love to talk about a very important subject for all of us, mental wellness. Each of us faces mental problems during our life path and we look for an exit from those periods. No matter the reason, I believe we all had those times which make us feel like it won’t pass or what can be done to overcome this situation. I support having professional help from a psychologist or/and psychiatrist; however, let’s accept we sometimes do not feel like talking to someone or going to somewhere. I found my own way to handle difficulties in those hard times.

I have started to do some meditations and I always take help from my precious gemstones, my jewelry. Let me explain which gemstones help me about my mental wellness! First, Amethyst is the most magical gemstone which has many benefits as we all know. It helps to clear the third eye so you can learn to trust your intuitive wisdom rather than the darker voices inside that want to drag you down. I wear either my Stylish Amethyst Black Ring or Spirit Amethyst Chakra Bracelet.

Moonstone is a great stone for those who would do well from the reminder that all things pass. During low times it can seem impossible that they would ever change, and this can make us feel stuck, hopeless and lost. But Moonstone is inspired by the cyclical changes of the moon, and it serves to tell us that a new phase is always waiting. My favorite Moonstone jewelry are Spiritual Vintage Moonstone Silver Ring and Vintage Moonstone Silver Ring.

I saved the best for the last, Sapphire, you know it is one of the most elegant gemstones and can be worn anytime. It is believed to focus and calm the mind as well as remove unwanted thoughts, depression and mental tension. I have two favorite rings that made of Sapphire and to be honest I wear one of them most of the time. It doesn’t matter how I feel I wear my Chic Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Ring and I totally feel the energy it gives to me and I stay strong anytime! Another nice Sapphire ring I wear on special occasions is Blue Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Ring.

Thank you for reading me, dear! I can’t wait to hear from you about your opinions. Have you ever tried any of these gemstones and experience their benefits?

See you next week,


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