Rediscovering Gemstones: Jenny's Memory

Rediscovering Gemstones: Jenny's Memory

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Life sometimes presents us with unforgettable memories and unexpected surprises. For me, the discovery of the enchantment of gemstones became both a personal transformation and the foundation for the creation of the "Pretland" brand—an experience I'm excited to share with you. I already had an interest in gemstones, but I wasn't familiar with the details of their usage. This story encapsulates that discovery and the inception of my brand, and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share it with you.


The gemstones I noticed while my friend's child was preparing for exams sparked a deep curiosity in me. I wanted to understand my friend's belief in these stones. The stories shared shed light on the concept that energy is connected to the earth and that our chakras interact with this energy through natural gemstones.



This conversation propelled my existing interest in gemstones a step further. I began incorporating carefully chosen gemstones into my life when setting intentions or needing positive energy. This small change had a profound impact on my life.


The influence of these new experiences played a significant role in laying the foundations for the "Pretland" brand. My pre-existing fascination with gemstones has now transformed into a collection of memories forming the cornerstone of a business. This story allowed me to explore how gemstones align with energy and intention, and now, under the name "Pretland," I am thrilled to share this magical world.


Gifting natural stone products to all my loved ones with intentions and dreams has become my greatest HOBBY!

See you next week,


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