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“Crystal Witch”

“Crystal Witch”

Hey guys,

As a crystal lover, I love to spread the positive message of how spiritual and healing crystals can benefit our lives.

And recently, a friend of mine sent me this lovely gift because she knows I love Amethyst crystals.

It is a beautiful tapestry that she calls “Jenny’s Witchy Habitat.”

About a year ago, this friend fell into a deep depression and she was on the verge of doing terrible things to herself because she had very bad thoughts.

Even though my situation back then was not as bad as hers, I could empathize with the pain and negativity she surrounded herself with.

So I started to meditate and pray for her. 

Also, I gave her a package of crystals that I felt could help transmute that negative energy into positivity for free.

As she started to learn more about healing crystals, she started to enjoy having the company of the crystals around her every day.

And she told me she would start to feel better slowly.

Day by day, she would start to write down things she would be grateful for and meditate with her crystals.

And guess what, little did you know today she is a completely different person.

She is now full of joy and she has already built an enormous crystal collection that she is proud of.

Seeing how healing crystals have helped me and countless others to improve their lives makes me so happy.

Just thought sharing this story with you today would inspire you to help spread the love of healing crystals with your community.

If you or a friend has a story of how crystals have helped you changed your lives for the better, please share it with me here by replying to this email.

I am going to send my friend a beautiful Amethyst crystal ring to thank her for this generous gift.

I am sure she put a lot of effort into making this.

Gonna keep it framed on my bedroom wall.



  • Hi Sara, we are so happy to hear that! Hope your crystals bring you luck, health, success, and so on. If you need to know anything about crystals, please let us know. We can write a new blog post for you :)

    Pretland Team
  • Hi I have always been attracted to crystals, when I got my first one I was hooked and started learning and collecting them.

    Sara Stoffle

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